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You must know how the use of personal computers has changed over the years. With large PCs (which took up more than half of your desk space) becoming increasingly outdated, the tech market is filled with a variety of powerful and best 11-inch laptops, which could be just what this generation requires.

Now that we’ve established the importance of compact computers, we should mention that laptops are constantly evolving to become more elegant, slim, and power-efficient. You may have felt the need for a feather-light, portable laptop that you could take around without worrying about “extra baggage” at some point. The one that does not encourage you to remain confined to a single location simply because commuting or moving about with a bulky laptop is too tricky.

If the argument even marginally persuades you we’re making, then check out this detailed laptop buying guide for the best 11-inch laptops, which will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the best lightweight laptop.

Well, if you’re searching for a laptop for simple computing tasks that are easy to bring around and work on the go, 11-inch laptops are perfect. You can begin reading our selection of the top 11-inch laptops.

Top Picks- Best 11-inch Laptops

● Microsoft Surface Go 2 w/ Keyboard 

microsoft surface go 2
Microsoft Surface Go 2 @Amazon

It takes a lot of courage to launch a tablet among 11-inch laptops. It wouldn’t pass muster if we applied the strict description of what a laptop should be. We’re not, though, techno-conservatives. If you add a keyboard to the mix, the Microsoft Surface Go gets two cuts.

The Surface Go 2 is a 10.5-inch tablet with a premium design, a 128GB SSD drive, 8GB RAM, and an 8th Generation Intel Core m3 processor. Despite being a tablet, it runs a complete Windows 10. It enables it to run any Windows-compatible software. When you pair it with the Surface Go keyboard, you’ll have a completely functioning laptop-like configuration that’s much more flexible than a typical laptop. However, this comes at the expense of fewer physical access ports. Just one USB Type-C port and an SD card reader are available on the Surface Go 2. That is everything there is to it. So, if you use your laptop to attach many peripherals, the Surface Go 2 is a ‘big no.’ 

Surface Go 2, therefore, easily encompasses this with its other essential features, such as its dual-camera setup. It has a 5MP front-facing camera and an 8MP rear-facing camera. Not only are photos and videos impressive, but high-resolution videos on Skype or Zoom can easily pull off. Furthermore, its screen outperforms any other laptop on the list.

As such, if usability is your top priority, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is one of the best mini laptops/tablets. Although it isn’t inexpensive in any way, it is a great deal for what it delivers. Combine it with a keyboard and the Surface Pen to transform it from a slow tablet into a powerful laptop.

● HP Stream 11-ak0020nr 11-inch laptop

hp stream 11 ak0020nr
HP Stream 11-ak0020nr @Amazon

This is a straightforward computer that is best suited for scholars. How can we say this? There are a few explanations for this: the free Office subscription that comes with it and the low price tag of about $200. The SD card slot is the most noticeable added value for such a low price, mainly if you use more than a dozen GBs. With a 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Celeron N4000 processor, the performance is outstanding compared to other budget laptops in this price range.

To complete it, it deserves a mention of standby battery time and the audio mechanism for which it is made. Besides its overall sleek frame and slim style, the laptop’s range of colors can be very pleasing to the eye. The big bezels and an old-fashioned gradient touch on the base are the only design elements that aren’t particularly appealing.

In summary, great speakers, compact, and over average output seem to be a very fair range of features of the 11-inch notebook, taking into account the price tag.

● Apple MacBook Air 11-inch laptop 2015 Model

apple macbook air
Apple MacBook Air @Amazon

MacBooks are not standard in an 11-inch laptop space instead of laptop sizes 13- or 15-inch. Apple had 11-inch sales of MacBook Air but was discontinued because of lack of success in 2016. But you will have to purchase this refurbished MacBook Air 11 from 2015 if you need a MacBook laptop with 11-inch capacities.

That being said, this does not have to imply that all compromises must be made. The MacBook Air 11 has the same ruthless performance, strength, and edgy design as current MacBook models, even when refurbished.

Although its Sandy Bridge Intel Core i5 processor is somewhat ancient, it is still more powerful than the Celeron and Pentium processors found in most other 11-inch laptops. It also has a 128GB SSD hard drive and powerful integrated graphics. Furthermore, the screen has better colors and viewing angles than other laptops. The smooth glass touchpad and keyboard backlighting conceal the fact that this laptop is more than six years old!

Although it feels and looks sublime in general, purchasing this laptop is an excellent choice for someone who chooses operating systems other than Chromebook and Windows. MacOS is compatible with a wide range of applications. It also enables you to use MacBook features on a shoestring budget.

● Samsung Chromebook 4

samsung chromebook 4
Samsung Chromebook 4 @Amazon

It’s challenging to find an inexpensive laptop with a great design and a long battery life for the money. In some instances, it seems that only one or two of these elements can coexist in a laptop. But, at least with the Samsung Chromebook 4, this isn’t always the case.

With a clean design, good overall performance, and long battery life, it’s one of the best 11-inch laptops on the market. As compared to competitors like the ASUS L210MA and the Acer Chromebook Spin, the Intel Celeron N4000 processor, 6GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC storage perform admirably. To give you an idea of what it can do, it can handle multi-tab web surfing without a hitch. It can even manage cloud-based content development.

It also has a great keyboard and a slew of networking options, as well as extended battery life for on-the-go use.

All in all, the Samsung Chromebook 4 isn’t a top performer in terms of processing capacity. If you’re a student on a tight budget aiming for a Chromebook for college, this is the most OK 11-inch laptop you can find.


asus l210ma
ASUS L210MA @Pinterest

Among 11-inch laptops, smooth performance with the slimmest design is challenging to come by. When it comes to having a slim look, 13-inch laptops usually have an advantage. With the Asus L210MA, an 11-inch laptop, on the other side, broke those barriers.

This laptop is one of the few Windows 10 all-purpose laptops, with an Intel Celeron N4020 processor operating at 1.10-2.80GHz and 4GB of RAM. It has a long battery life and is powerful enough to perform everyday tasks such as browsing, multiple tab operations, and document processing with flawless processing capacity, making it an ideal workplace device.

Aside from the looks and results, the price is probably the best aspect of this laptop in total. Slim and slightly powerful laptops are often the most costly of the bunch in any others. Interestingly, this one is priced in the $150-$200 range. It provides sufficient value for the price in terms of what it includes.

● ASUS Chromebook C202XA Rugged 

asus chromebook C202XA rugged
ASUS Chromebook C202XA Rugged @Amazon

Any laptop owner is likely to be irritated by two scenarios. The first is giving a laptop to a child. They’ll likely forget about it until their attention is drawn to something else. The second is one of those times when you fall over a cable and your laptop crashes to the ground from a high vantage point. Such seizures can be prevented by buying a laptop that can withstand a fall without squeaking or scratching. In this regard, the Asus Chromebook C202XA 11 shines brightly. This laptop, according to Asus, will survive several drops from 3.9 feet.

Apart from being a good value, this is one of the best 11-inch laptops for classroom use, owing to its endurance. Despite being an overreach, it would possibly last longer than the pyramids if it were possible. In any case, the military-grade casing and sunken spill-resistant keyboard give the impression that it will compete with the pyramids.

Most manufacturers of rugged laptops must exchange weight for strength. The Asus Chromebook is unquestionably no exception. For an 11-inch laptop, it feels a little bulky. But it has enough power to make your hands forget about weight. With 4GB of memory, 32GB of eMMC storage, and a 2.1 GHz MediaTek processor, the laptop’s performance is unlikely to disappoint. While this laptop lacks the processing power to handle intensive tasks, it can perform popular Chrome-based tasks such as typing, playing media, and making video calls using its 720P webcam.

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