Best Affordable, Inexpensive Laptops for College Students on a budget in 2020

Best Affordable, Inexpensive Laptops for College Students on a budget 2019 - 2020

In this article I have reviewed all best affordable, inexpensive laptops for college students in budget. And gone are the days when a student would go to college with just a pen and paper.

In these days laptops have become a necessity for a college student. For a student owning a good laptop is similar to coming in the class with all nuts and bolts. If you do not own a laptop, you cannot excel in your studies.

I am not saying that with a laptop you would excel in studies and secure good grades. Of course, you will have to study hard to get this done. A good laptop for a student is paramount which surely translates to a good education.

For a student purchasing a portable computer aka laptop is crucial. We are living in an era where the importance of having a good portable laptop cannot be overlooked especially in higher education. The college goings spend most of their time in doing assignments and browsing the internet for the sake of researching.

We are here to help you to purchase a perfect laptop for your studies as well as day-to-day tasks. You would carry out the normal tasks along with getting entertained by watching movies or playing video games.

The need and requirement of a laptop for college student varies from subject to subject. For a student with a Computer science major, having a high-specs laptop is paramount. He has to go through with lots of high-ended application which eats lots of CPU performance.

So, we are here to help you out. These laptops fill the bill for wide arrays of the student. You can pick one what suits your need and requirement and place an order.

List of Best Affordable, Inexpensive Laptops for College Students on a budget 2020

Picking the best laptop for a student is tricky. Especially, for someone who is out there in the market very first time. For him, every laptop looks similar and all features seem identical.

The mentioned student laptop list is prepared to help those in picking the best possible laptop in the affordable price range. Let’s dig deep and look at what we have showcased for you.

#1 Acer E5 ( Affordable FOR TRAVEL )

Acer Aspire E 15

Whenever we mention an affordable student laptop, a typical boring looking laptop image surfaces before our eyes, with Acer E5 this is not the same case.

Although the laptop showcases an old design pattern, it comes with good ergonomics and specification.

The design and specifications are almost identical to its predecessor E5-575-33MB with little design and manufacturing cost cutting-off.

As for as the laptop built is concerned, this is built from high-quality polycarbonate plastic, the finish is black with texture lid which displays a professional look.

The Acer’s front runner comes with a 15.6 inches Full HD Display. The display panel is LED-backlit; you would not find an issue working in nights.

It upholds the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a rare feature this machine houses at his price range.

The Acer Student budget laptop features top of the list specification asking under this price. It sports 8th generation Intel Core i3-8130U dual-core processor.

The latest generations Intel process will sky-rocket the speed of processing. The processor is clocked at 2.2 GHz and under the full load it reaches up to 3.4 GHz

The latest processor is paired with a 6GB RAM, and extra 2G additions when compared to the previous model. Another good thing, if you feel this range should have been extended, the extra space has been given, and you can extend the RAM without any hiccup.

The RAM can be upgraded up to 32GB when you find it easy to upgrade.

The storage department even has something out of the box. The Acer top model offers 1TB ample amount of hard disk storage.

The storage is not an SSD type, you get it in HDD 5400RPM speed. You can replace this HDD hard with an SSD latest hard drive, a good trade-off.

It is embedded with a backlit keyboard, a rare feature to behold in a laptop under $400.

The Keyboard’s key travel time is very high and renders a comfortable typing experience to the college goings. The keys offer good tactile feedback pressing, adds to a great typing experience.

The Acer Aspire E 15 (E5-576-392H) comes with a 6 cell lithium-ion battery.

It is among one of those rare machines featuring 6-cell battery. As per the Acer statements, this battery offers at least 6-8 hours of casual battery backup on continual usage.

Processor Intel Core i3-8130U dual-core processor
Storage 1TB HDD
Graphics UHD 620
Display 6″ Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Battery 6-8 hours


  • A hands-down choice for college goings
  • Total value for your hard-earned money
  • Super-comfortable keyboard with impeccable touchpad
  • Powerful latest 8th generation process rare to grab at this price
  • Powerful media outputs
  • Slightly dim display
  • Old-school design


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#2 ASUS VivoBook F510UA – Best Inexpensive Laptop for College

ASUS VivoBook F510UA

Do not you want to purchase a laptop what satisfies you’re every day-to-day need? Yes, everyone does. ASUS has been one of the greats in gaming niche laptops.

If you ask from any gaming expert regarding purchasing a gaming laptop, he would recommend ASUS laptops.

Now, ASUS is all set to raise the bar higher in student day-to-day using laptops. The ASUS VivoBook F510 is an evident example of it.

This laptop features the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U process paired with 8GB DDR4 RAM. The latest 8th generation process clock speed reaches up to 3.4GHz.

It is integrated with 1TB HDD hard disk storage type to store ample amount of data. You can store hell of data over there without storage shortage.

If hard disk speed is what you are looking for, extended extra space would fill the fill for you. You can add extra SSD hard to speed up the booting.

The design is super elegant. The laptop features a decent plastic built chassis what can be your assistant in almost all school for doing work or getting entertained.

The laptop can be the best pick for business niche student. Those guys who have to deal with lots of business and looking for something secure, the fingerprint scanner is there.

This scanner adds an extra security layer, no one would be able to access your data without your consent. Above all, you get all these features under $500 price range, the ideal pick.

The ASUS front runner features a 15.6″ Full HD anti-glaring wide viewing Angle HD screen to offer crispy graphics.

The machine is super portable. It’s weight made you carry around an entire a day without any hiccup.

The screen to body ratio offers maximum screen, just to provide a stunning visual experience.

The battery performance has been one of the finest features of this brand. It offers an extended battery performance; you get at least 8 hours of battery backup in continuous normal using.

CPU Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) 8250U / 1.6 GHz
Storage Capacity 1TB
GPU Intel UHD graphics 620
Display LCD backlit technology
Battery Backup 8 hours
Weight 75 pounds


  • An Ideal pick for business student
  • Affordable price
  • The illuminated display checks the box right for it
  • The latest generation processor help boost the processing
  • Extended battery backup
  • No illuminated Keyboard
  • Poor Hard drive speed

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#3  Acer Aspire 1

Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA imageAcer as a brand has always believed in solving the user’s issue. From the features perspective to the lowering down the price, this brand never let down its users.

This may be the reason, if you search for normal day-to-day using a laptop, Acer ranks the list.

The brand has produced entry-level college laptops to high-ended gaming laptops. You can have any range of laptop from them, and you would never be disappointed by them. Let’s discuss the entry-level Acer Aspire 1.

This laptop is something that is not going to break the bank while checking all the right boxes.

This laptop is powered by the Intel Celeron N400dual-core processor. The CPU renders the clock speed of 1.1 GHz and can boost to 2.6 GHz.


This laptop offers 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage.

It’s an entry-level Acer producing. The machine does not showcase aesthetics, still a robust machine, clean and sober design.

The exterior is made of brushed aluminum finish with silver Acer Logo on the lid.

The display of the Acer Aspire 1 is a 14-inch TN panel screen. The TN panel is not great in wide viewing angles, no vivid color.

The screen size is great; you get a 14-inch screen at price under 200 dollars. The Acer Aspire 1 is the only laptop under this range offers full HD display, a rare feature though.

The display is a dim little bit, the matte coating enhance the display results somehow especially reduce the reflection. Overall if you look at the price, it is good to go at this range.

The screen can be rotated up to 180-degree. This laptop does not offer touch and type, 2-in-1, the rotating angle is useless with touch and type feature.

The laptop features an impressive keyboard. The keyboard performance is up to the impressive marks and it does a decent job.

The keys are larger than a usual machine, the user feels great using it for typing, the keys travel speed is remarkable.

The proclaimed battery life of the laptop is about 6 hours. The tests were taken, and it was revealed, actually, the battery performs better than expected.

The battery exceeds the expectations and offers you 8-9 continuous backup. This is worth considering factor if you are the one who carries a laptop in the class and compiles your notes over there. To get the most of the laptop, the battery backup must excel.

There is some glaring downside. One can’t overlook those such as the design flaws, bad speaker placement, and display issue.

The loudspeakers have been placed at the bottom of it, the sound quality is not that good on the other hand. The music listeners would have to use Headphones to enjoy the music at the full throttle.

Getting to the internal of this laptop is hard. You open almost 15 screws and pull off the entire panel to get access to RAM, Hard, and other major components.

CPU Intel Celeron N400dual-core processor clock speed 1.1-2.6 GHz
Storage 64GB of eMMC
Display 14-inch TN Panel with Full HD display
Battery Backup Up to 6.5 hours of battery
Weight  up to 64 lbs


  • You see the latest generation processor
  • 4GB RAM is good to go under $200 laptop
  • It offers splendid battery backup
  • Very affordable
  • Bad design
  • The poor speaker’s quality with poor placement in the bottom
  • Dim display
  • Lesser Storage capacity

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#4 Dell 2019 Premium G3 15 3579

Dell 2019 Premium G3 15 3579 imageIf you just could raise your budget lit, this widens our horizon. The Dell G series is something known to its gaming performance.

The game-oriented specified performance has made this earn a huge name in the gaming niche. The elder brother of G3, the G5 is one of the best-selling gaming laptops on Amazon.

This laptop fills the bills for someone who wants to go through the casual day-to-day tasks along with plays high ended AAA titles.

The laptop is a nice blend of battery life, portability, and performance.

The Dell G series comes with different specification and a user can purchase as per his purchasing power. The cheapest would come under 700 bucks with GTX 1050 Graphics card and 8th generation process.

We would like to review the cheapest of the four, to make the list in the range of affordability.

Let’s reviews its nuts and bolts and start from its design. From first glance, it does not look like a gaming beast. You see no RGB colors, stylish design or anything such that.

It looks more like an old-fashion laptop. You get a blue color dell logo on the lid, with blue and black chassis finish. The built quality is good; the plastic made body showcases some flexes.

You need to be extra careful regarding the body.

The laptop is targeted to be used under student laptops and gaming laptops.

It sports a 15 inches full HD display which comes in customizable option.

The affordable set of specification let you roll your hands on an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H processor with NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU.

The combination of CPU+GPU is what ensures optimum performance for gaming and others.

The RAM size is splendid and one must count this feature while purchasing a good range laptop.

The RAM power is something that allows you to run more than one programs in one time without buffering or rendering errors. The 8GB RAM of DDR4 with 256GB SSD will wreak the havoc in the gaming world.

The screen is reasonably fine for HD IPS wide viewing angle display. The wide viewing angle though is not good, but they are available there.

The GTX 1050 is something we are impressed by the core. The way this handles the graphics seamlessly is amazing and you would be amazed to witness its performance.

The battery backup is super excellent. In our tests where we watch videos while browsing, it endured 12 hours. The battery life is amazing, and you would never run short of battery in your classes.


CPU Processor 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU
Storage 256GB of SSD
Display 6-inch Full HD display
Battery 56Wh (backup 12 hours)
Weight 2.53kg


  • Stylish interior
  • Decent speakers render clear audio
  • Decent built
  • Impeccable battery life
  • Great performance
  • Slow storage
  • Poor keyboard performance
  • Dim display

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#5 Samsung Chromebook Plus – Best Selling Laptop

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, 2-in-1, Intel Core m3For a college student, Chromebook features are best-matched. If you have to decide one Chromebook among others, you must opt-with Chromebook plus, one of the Best-Selling Chromebook of 2017 for most of us.

This Samsung offering comes equipped with dozens of helpful features to help students in many areas. It features a splendid keyboard, amazing trackpad, super vibrant display and above all affordable price.

We have seen the latest versions of Chromebook, cheaper and more appealing, but it seems no one can beat the popularity and usefulness of a Chromebook Plus.

If we talk about the design, Samsung all products are about good looks. Samsung carries a catchy look for Chromebook plus.

One of the great features of the machine is its aluminum shell which makes it a lightweight. The lightweight design adds to the portability and a student carries it around in the campus without any hiccup.

One of the greatest innovation Samsung as a brand comes across the pressure-sensitive Samsung pen. The pen is spring-loaded and clicking on it brings a pen-based command menu.

This helps you to activate shortcuts, clipping screenshots and creating handwritten notes.

The Samsung Chromebook plus also supports Android apps on ChromeOS, download apps like the way we download on Android mobile phones using the Google Play Store.

You install any game you want to play it anywhere like the way you do in an Android phone.

The Chromebook plus features a 12.2 inched LED. The CPU is powered by Intel Core m3 processor with 4GB of RAM. The RAM range must have been extended, as 4G would not fit the needs of a college-going.

When we talk about the hard disk storage, I think Chromebook series is understood to feature this range of hard disk.

The new processor added would not hurt the battery performance. Even we see the battery performance is enhanced with this. When we tested this Chromebook plus, we found this running at least 9 hours on video tests.

Samsung has been very focused on bringing the best camera results not only on mobile phone but on laptops as well. The mentioned laptop has no exception; you see here a 13-megapixel camera with autofocus. The camera is quite good, but the improvements could have made it more vibrant.


Operating System ChromeOS
CPU Intel core m3 processor 7Y30 processor
Storage 64 GB eMMC
Display 12.2″ FHD (1920 x 1200)
Device Writing Manually Pressure Sensitive Pen
Weight Total 3 pounds


  • Solid Aluminum built
  • Lightweight easy to carry
  • Improved performance than the previous version
  • A vibrant HD display
  • The updated process
  • Affordable
  • Only 64GB storage
  • Secondary camera stuck too much
  • No keyboard backlighting

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Conclusion :

This was all about the top 5 affordable laptops for college students. We hope that you have found your next college laptop after reading and getting assistance from the aforementioned guide.

If you are still curious and has not decided on the laptop yet, we would like to recommend one Laptop as our favorite.

We researched a lot while writing down this review. As we beheld reviews, check the ratings and look at the overall performance of the above-mentioned laptop. At the end we found that if you could just spend a little more what you were supposed to spend; Dell G3 15 Laptop is one-stop-shop.

This laptop features everything what a college-going needs. This laptop features the finest gaming specification, as we all love playing the latest video games. So, this laptop is all-in-one, fulfills your requirement plus offers some extra gaming features.

If you like this guide and finds this helpful, please help us spread this all over the web. And if think any other laptop could make it to the list, feel free to comment in the section.


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