Best Desktop Replacement Laptop

How to Identify the Best Desktop Replacement Laptop  

If you are struggling to get a laptop that you can permanently replace to your good home desktop, you must resort to the outstanding one. In most cases, most people worldwide possess desktops at their homes, particularly for operation purposes, and thus consumes more power. What are the measures you need to consider when you are looking for the best desktop replacement laptop? Read on to find out!

Therefore, replacing this with an outstanding laptop is crucial, but you can’t replicate it with an old laptop that will act as the primary device.

The unique thing you should put into consideration is the laptop’s model you want to settle on. 

Please note this aspect is majorly crucial, but you need to put other specs into account. In that case, we are diving into other essential things that you should consider. Also, we will elaborate on different kinds of laptops that you could get in the competitive market.

The Best Desktop Replacement Laptop Comparison

HP OMEN 15-dh101na

Most people who are probably researching for their desktop replacement are looking for a great gaming device. Therefore, if you are particularly looking for a gaming laptop, I recommend you resort to the HP OMEN 15-dh101na brand. Almost all laptops serve the same purposes as their desktop computer counterparts; therefore, they are perfect for a desktop replacement—the Hp Omen Series comprises versatile models such as ASUS ROG and Razer Blade. 

Remember, you should consider that it has a phenomenal power rate whenever you resort to this model.

This laptop has approximately 16GB RAM, which boosts your total experience compared to the one with 8GB RAM. You could also upgrade the HP OMEN 15-dh101na model to 32 GB RAM to make you achieve extraordinary results. Besides that, the laptop is powered by the Intel Core i7 processor making it an impressive laptop.

As an experienced gamer, you need to have massive capacity on your respective laptop for data storage. The manufacturer has designed it with 1 TB SSD for storage, making it more advantageous to customers who possess a wide range of programs. Finally, if you are looking for a desktop experience, then purchase it because it offers the same service.


  • It mainly comes with an Intel Core i7 processor  It provides unique graphics displays
  • It has a remarkable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card.


  • It doesn’t contain an outstanding battery 
  • Primarily, it stays cool, although many programs are running in the background
best desktop replacement laptop
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When comparing versatile window laptops, which offer similar desktop experience, the Dell XPS model outshines others and it’s also one of the best desktop replacement laptop on the list. You can comfortably check on the larger XPS 17 if you are excited with a great screen resolution ratio. This laptop has an excellent powerhouse that pulls along with lightweight and thinner construction. Its memory capacity is approximately 16GB RAM and Hexa-core processor to boost its general performance. On the other hand, it has 1 TB SSS for storage and thus making it smoother operational.

The unique thing that makes many people prefer this laptop is the display and design quality. It mostly comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics alongside the complete thin-bezel collection. Customers researching for a similar thing as their desktop computer should consider the XPS 15 as their primary option. It is equipped with aluminum chassis hardware that makes it achieve excellent performance.


  • It has a full HD display.    
  • Its keyboard is well fitted. 
  • It is one of many thinnest available premium and luxurious laptops in the market.


  • Sometimes its fan makes a loud noise.
  • It doesn’t offer an appropriate gaming experience, especially for business users.
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LG Gram 17

If you are not interested in any gaming activities, you need to consider the famous LG Gram laptop. Its screen inch is about 17 inches and thus providing a broader view display. Though its smaller size as compared to other laptops, it mainly maximizes the available space. Also, it is a larger laptop but not so heavy. Therefore, you can easily carry it anywhere you want, and that is why you should switch to a laptop device.

 With an excellent IPS display, you can quickly check on the monitor screen regardless of the angle you want. This feature makes it evenly used for watching different kinds of movies without any hassle due to its massive screen size. It also comes with amazing graphics and other features like a fingerprint reader, number pad, and backlit keyboard.

This laptop happens to be more fantastic, particularly to those who like big things and more portable. Furthermore, this is one of many laptops that can be easily used without any desktop experience.


  • It mostly pulls along with different kinds of ports 
  • Also, it is presented with an extensive typical build quality 
  • It manages a reading mode that is handier 


  • It has an outdated design and thus not stylish enough 
  • It can perfectly operate with little power
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Apple MacBook Pro

Whenever migrating from the using laptop to desktop computer, it eventually raises a lot of challenges. Conversely, those using the desktop computer, then subscribing to using an incredible MacBook might make the migration easier and comfortable. In most cases, the MacBook usually offers a great user experience over the windows computers at large.

Please note that you need to understand how to use this particular laptop since it presents different features as Windows computers. However, it provides impressive performance like a desktop laptop. The laptop has a fantastic display and UX compared to the wide range of laptops in the market. They are pretty costly, but they offer a tremendous computing experience to their user over other laptops.

It has been designed with high-quality material, and that makes it more durable. In other words, this solid practical laptop can provide the functional activities that you required. This laptop possesses artic programs mostly needed during graphic design; therefore, it is the best choice for designers. If you fall in this category, then this laptop is your appropriate choice.


  • It is lighter and thinner from a portability perspective
  • It mainly used during photo editing tasks
  • Apple MacBook Pro is easily used


  • It is a highly costly laptop
  • It doesn’t come with any port; therefore, you need to improvise it with an adapter    


best desktop replacement laptop
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