Best Laptop Backpack for Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain [Reviewed 2020]

Best Laptop Backpacks for Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain [Reviewed]Do you travel a lot and the backpack you have been using before halting severe issue to the overall health of your body? You need to find the best laptop backpack for back, neck and shoulder pain

Those bags do not distribute weight to the overall body and your back is the subject to carry heavy loads around.

The backpacks that are good for your back are never meant to cause any health hazard to the users.

They are designed to offer extra portability, as you place your important content and take them with you around on your back.

If you are more concerned about your physical health then don’t forget to buy a backpack with back support

The backpacks have been a primary source for people to carry their items around. The term first surfaced in 1910 and from that time, it has become the primary way for the people to shuttle their clothes, shoes, laptops and other necessary items and travel around.

Now, the era we are living on, we are using a perfectly designed backpack. They fall right on every criterion of an ergonomic backpack.

They are thickly padded, come with S shape shoulder strap, with waist and chest straps to distribute the weight across our body.

Moreover, they are budget-friendly and would not break your bank in purchasing one item. These are some of the best laptop backpacks you can pick and add extra portability to your life.

Here is the Best Laptop Backpack for Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain in 2020:

In this guide, we are going to review the top 5 best laptop backpack for back pain in 2020. You need to look at the mentioned products and see what these backpacks have to offer for your body and the items you carry around.

The products enlisted offer something unique targeting a wide array of people. You will have many amazing features such as anti-theft protection, waterproof material while adapting some of the essential principles which will be easy on your back for prolonged usage.

1) Incase Icon Pack [ Best Laptop Backpack For Students ]

Incase Icon Pack imageIf you had been searching the best backpack, you would have come across Incase most of the time.

Incase is a world-known brand and has been best-selling on biggest shopping portal Amazon.

The brand offers a wide range of products as per the user’s pocket size.

If you do not want to spend much and want to experience the same feature as Incase Icon, you can have Incase light. Incase light features almost the same design, quality-built, and material but half of the size.

I personally feel the Incase Icon is far better than light, as it offers a spacious place to put laptops and other accessories.

Incase Icon offers the most storage compartment including small zip-up pocket. The backpack is lined with soft material to protect the precious products in it such as laptops and mobile phones. You can drop this backpack anywhere without damaging to your products put inside.

The back pain is perfect for placing a 15-in laptop, MacBook in its larger apartment. The backpack houses three large compartments and you can use this much of space to place anything you want.

The ergonomically designed customized backpack has many other splendid features to offer. It is engineered with airflow channels, with proper ventilation.

The ventilation design is integrated into its back panel and shoulder straps so that the user must not feel any hot.

The straps are designed in a way to distribute the overall weight to the body. The user would not be carrying the hefty bag on the back only, which causes back pain or bad posture.

The main 15-inch compartment is integrated with the highest quality padding. The padding offers optimum protection to the precious metal placed inside.

The fabric with which the backpack is designed offers the longest possible durability. The fabric even withstands wear and tear; you will be putting your money into something valuable.

The medium-sized side pockets designed help you placing smaller gadgets. The side pockets are totally great to place anything you want to access without opening the zips. You can have a 9.7 inches iPad pro there and listen to your favorite music.

The backpack is a breeze for the people suffering back pain just because of the poor quality designed backpack. This backpack comes in a wide range of colors as well.

You can choose your favorite color and travel in style. The look is captivating and it keeps your things stored and protected from potential theft.


  • Three main large compartments to place your laptop and other gadgets
  • Comfortable and a customized design
  • The dedicated laptop padded compartment renders optimum protection.
  • Quick access to your gadgets placed in the side pockets.


  • The stitching of the straps began unraveling within months
  • No space for the clothes

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2) North Face Big Shot – One of Best Backpacks for Back Pain

The North Face Big Shot, TNF Black, One SizeIf you have been looking for a backpack for casual things like for school, college or work, North Face Big Shot falls every criterion. And there is no doubt that it is one of the best school backpacks for back pain

This comes to no surprise this we added North Face product in our list of a top backpack for back and shoulder pains. The North Face products are recognized durable, strong and withstand wear and tear.

The backpack is bigger compared to the rivals who come at the same price. They come with flex vent injection-modeled shoulder strap.

The straps can be customized to the shape of your body. The front hip strap helps you distribute the backpack weight to the whole body.

The backpack is rainproof and weatherproof. The content within the bag will remain dry even after rainfalls.

I am not saying, you put the bag in the water pool and expect nothing will be impacted. The content will become wet after the backpack is sitting for an extended period of time.

The item is made of quality synthetic; you would not feel a single unraveling at any corner of it.

The North Face Big Shot is a completely redesigned model, made to offer extra 33-liter space.

You can carry around your laptop and other tools such as wrenches, repair kit and others for mountain biking. The designed at the front help you placing anything smaller you want.  You can put your phone there, water bottle or music system to listen to your favourite music.

The hip and sternum straps are padded, specifically designed for prolonged hours. The padded straps also help people suffering back or shoulder pains.

The inside pouch or pockets are of great use. One can have them stored anything that you need not as much during your ventures.

This houses an internal fleece pocket for sunglasses or mobile phones or watches.

For the people who are travel enthusiasts and want something sturdy to handle much of weight, the North Face front runner would fill the bill.


  • Deep interior space
  • Front hip strap
  • Side pockets
  • Internal fleece pocket to store important luxuries


  • Too big to carry for normal use

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3) Osprey Farpoint 55 [ Best Laptop Backpack For Travel ]

Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 Travel BackpackThese days whatever product comes in use, it must look elegant. Whether you are wearing a sunglass or looking for a backpack, it must add aesthetics.

If you are looking for a sober-looking Backpack, Osprey Farpoint 55 is a fine product to grab. The Osprey Farpoint is a perfect product for long weekends.

Whether you are planning to have traveled around Asia or wanted to explore the countryside around your birthplace, this backpack fits your needs.

The backpack is designed to hold up 50 pounds of weight, carry your laptop with an urban aesthetics and zip-off.

The unit is made of quality material, nylon, ripstop material. The brand ensured a sturdy built along with durable fabric, the fabric adds to the overall weight.

Here the case is different, in spite of using the high-quality extra capacity fabric, the overall weight is less than normal casual backpacks.

The main compartment is large enough to hold your laptop and other accessories. You can safely place your electronics there and use the lockable sliders to add an extra layer of security.

The main compartment is extremely safe and any pressure would not damage the placed product.

The straps feature dual front compression; these compressions render optimum comfort when a user wears this backpack. The users, who face back pain due to the hefty backpacks, would not feel anything at all. The harness straps offered to cover your shoulder with leaving no gap between the back and bag.

The padded harness straps reach your armpit with sternum straps ends your collar bone, reducing the overall weight from the back and distributing it to the overall body.

The body of the backup is finalized. You will not be sweat out entirely as the ventilation will make reach air to all parts of your body.

This makes it a perfect travel companions, you put your extra sweaters and clothes and pack it, and no water will reach it even in a thunderstorm. The body of the backpack is rainproof, weatherproof.

No damage to the product will happen, in any climate change until unless you do not drop it in the water pool.

This comes with a detachable day pack provides extra storage space and organization. You can detach the smaller daypack and take it around whilst you need to roam around carrying important stuff.


  • Padded handles provide extra comfort
  • Stowaway back panel for placing important but easy to access accessories
  • Lock sliders add an extra security layer
  • The harness strap fully wrap around your body to distribute weight
  • The daypack can be attached to the main harness to provide extra portability


  • Attaching and reattaching of the daypack to the main backpack takes time

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4) Kopack Laptop Backpack – One of Best Backpacks for Students

Kopack Slim Laptop Backpacks Anti Thief Tear Water Resistant Business Computer BagThe backpacks have become one of the most essential parts of our daily life. Students, housewives, travelers, businessmen find it very helpful, placing their stuff and carry them around.

There is truth that this is one of the best backpacks for students with back pain but, when we say a backpack, it normal considered as only students or travelers use the backpack, not a businessman.

For them, it is understood that they only travel in suitcases. The businessman also uses backpacks when travelling to and from the office.

For them, looking officials, plus cool at the same time is important. For them, Kopack Laptop slim backpack falls right.

The Kopack backpack is slim, looks elegant, and comes with essential features. This checks all the right boxes and made it an excellent pick for a businessman to carry this bag to and from the office or even around the world travelling.

The bag features a detachable USB cable what you can use to charge your phone when travelling. Just connect the outside cable which is connected to another USB port to provide juice to your phone.

The backpack houses laptop compartments behind the straps. The straps add an extra layer in the security of your laptop, which makes it anti-theft laptop compartment.

The padded back and straps are something important, especially for the people who face severe back or shoulder pain carrying a hefty bag.

The 1.5mm thickness EPE inside and S shape design fits your needs and distract the overall pressure to the body.

The backpack features a dual layer zipper. We see the single layer zippers are easy to stab using a knife. The dual layer zipper with extra tooth hold together enables zipper strong to resist against a knife stab.

The bran has put special attention to the zipper quality and design. The zipper is heavier than counterparts, adds extra durability.

The extra side pockets offer great space to place your eyeglasses or music system and listen to the music everywhere you go.

The unit offers two main compartments. The first larger area is dedicated to the laptop or MacBook and other offers a multi-function file slot.

The padded back is made of breathable mesh and offers extra durability and adjustment

The Kopack Slim laptop backpacks feature a variety of pockets, 17 in all. You get extra space and pockets to put your stuff around.


  • Anti-theft laptop comportment is a feature one must value
  • Comfortable design
  • Weather and Rainproof
  • Padded back and straps add extra comfort
  • Extra pockets


  • Have to adjust straps to access laptop

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5) The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack 

Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag 33L with Laptop PocketIf you are looking for a backpack for hiking and other working conditions, Friendly swede fills the bills.

This backpack takes to the less traveled path and takes care of you with many additional features.

The backpack sports reflective details and features an emergency whistle in the case of an emergency.

The Friendly Swede Dry Backpack is a nice blend of aesthetics and advanced features.

It showcases a perfect combination of timeless design, ergonomic and useful functions.

This bag 47 x 68.5 cm and has the capacity to hold 33.6 LITERS. The weight capacity is much more than you ever received from a backpack, 70pounds.

The total weight of the bag is less than you ever imagine, around 2.2 pounds. In this deep backpack, you can travel with literally anything you desire or need. You can take sweaters, shoes, clothes, electronics and much more for travelling, hiking, rafting, sailing or skiing.

The designers and manufacturer put special attention to the design and ergonomic. The bag features a padded laptop inner pocket, organizer mesh back, and a carabiner to store anything you want quickly.

The back and waist straps are padded comfortable to wear and can take you anywhere without any feeling of pain to the back, neck or shoulder.

Another extensive feature, the emergency whistle has been integrated with the straps’ buckle. The whistle is immensely useful when you go out in the woods, or want to get attention in an emergency.

You get this option close to your hands and very useful in case of emergency.

The brand advertises this bag as a hiking, skiing and other ventures targeting backpack. They have added extra reflectors strap on the front of the bag to enhance visibility.

When you are out on woods or go somewhere exploring the countryside alone, it adds to the visibility. You will be visible to the other members of the team.

The two extra spacious mesh pockets on the sides add an extensive feature. You can carry around the water bottle, or coffee thermos or your audio system to listen to the favourite songs around.

The bag is made of heavy-duty 5000 PVC tarpaulin material with double stitched. The seams and holders stand against the weather and rainfall without damaging the content placed inside.

Instead of zippers, what see in normal backpack, the brand has used roll top seal? Shoulder, waist and chest straps add comfort to your back, neck, shoulder, and chest.

The brand proclaims the bag is water resistant but not waterproof. It would not uphold the water submersion; the user needs to be extra careful with the electronics and other precious equipment around.

The device cannot be used as a floatation device when you dropped into the sea and float.


  • High-quality industrial grade fabric used
  • Great emergency features such as Emergency whistles and visible straps on the front of the backpack
  • Waterproof design
  • Ergonomically designed perfectly for hiking, skiing, and other ventures


  • The side mesh pockets cannot hold bulky items

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The Final Thought:

You need to know that ergonomics is not merely restricted to computers, chairs, and other peripherals. It must be added to anything you use on a daily basis such as a backpack.

Whether you need to travel around the world for business, or on a hiking venture a well-designed, ergonomics backpack will ensure your things transported safely without impeding your efforts.

The specialized features such as straps padding, back padding, waterproof built, Anti-theft ensure safety to your content.

We hope this guide best laptop backpack for back pain helps you in choosing the product you have been looking for.

While crafting this lift, we took hours to finally come up with the products best suited for every condition you pose.

If you are confused and could not decide yet which option to go with, believe in us, and pick Incase Icon.

The unit embedded with stands out feature and offers spacious space to fill-in. I personally feel the bag is more than a backpack, as it lined with the soft material to protect your equipment inside.

So, get your hands on this product and share this guide with friends to help us reach more potential readers.

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