Best Laptop Backpack For Everyday Use in 2020 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

If you want to take your laptop to your work or school more frequently, then the best laptop backpack is the right way to carry it. A dedicated laptop bag is capable of carrying your laptop with safety which will also prevent it from getting damaged due to some circumstances. The best laptop backpack for everyday use of 2020 will make your life easy because you don’t need to worry about the safety of your laptop while it’s packed inside a bag as you can carry it anywhere during traveling.

However, it’s quite confusing to choose the right laptop backpack that can satisfy all your needs and more importantly e your laptop bag should be according to the size and shape of your laptop.

Before going for any option, you should ask a question to yourself that what types of items and how much stuff do you need to carry inside your laptop backpack because it’s not necessary that one Supreme laptop backpack can satisfy or fulfill every person’s needs.

You don’t need to get confused any further because in this detailed article we will be sharing some of the best laptop bags in 2020.

As we all know that in this competitive era of technology, there are thousands of brands in the market and each of them claims to be number one, so it’s quite hard to choose a single one especially when you haven’t tried any product before.

Remember, all these laptop backpacks that are featured in this article have thousands of positive reviews so we are quite sure that you won’t feel disappointed at the end.

Top Best Laptop Backpack For Everyday Use 2020

Finding a good laptop backpack could be a headache but for you, I have listed the top Best Laptop Backpack For Everyday Use. Here is the list of best laptop backpacks in 2019 & 2020 for your need:

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack has an attractive and comfortable design which will be an excellent selection for your laptop as it also offers a lifetime warranty. It’s made from high-quality filament polyester exterior that makes it highly durable. The ebag offer multiple compartments for storing your important stuff including a crash-proof AC adapter compartment along with a zippered water bottle pocket.

It has multiple travel benefits as it can easily pass through sleeves secures to rolling luggage, moreover, it also has top and side carry handles so that it can be carried anywhere without imposing any stress on your arms. You will also get a padded air mesh back panel which will be also removable.

It’s a professional slim backpack that never gets old because it’s made according to the latest and upcoming trends. It can easily attach to your rolling luggage which will save a lot of your energy while moving it on long distances. In this price range, it’s an ultimate option that you should consider because it contains all those features which are found in any expensive laptop backpack.

You can easily fit an 11-inch laptop in this laptop backpack along with other stuff without worrying about space. It’s an ideal option for business travelers because its bit more organized than standard bulky backpacks. It has an external coating that will do a tremendous job while resisting water and spills.

It can easily carry all those important gadgets such as laptop, smartphone, and even AC adapters. The way this amazing backpack is designed makes it look professional for an ordinary person because it’s capable of competing with all those well-known brands that worth thousands of dollars.


  •   Made from high-quality polyester.
  •   Convenient storage capacity.
  •   Includes top and side carry handles.
  •   Excellent for travelers.


  •   Bit heavier than its rivals.


Laptop Backpack Business Mancro

It’s an Ultimate college laptop backpack that comes in an ideal size to hold several important daily life things such as your 15.6 laptops or MacBook. Mancro offers convenient pockets that can be used for storing iPad, charger, binders or even clothes that mean it’s not just a laptop backpack.

This amazing backpack is made according to the latest trends in technology as it contains a USB port design that enables USB charging in the form of built-in USB charger outside and a built-in cable inside in which you can easily connect your mobile phone.

As far as safety features of this laptop backpack are concerned then you might be amazed to hear that it comes with the convenient lock system that will prevent anyone from stealing something from your backpack which means that you no longer need to worry during traveling.

When it comes to laptop backpacks, People often complain about annoying zippers that often stuck in the middle so this laptop backpack comes with a durable metal zipper that can close and open smoothly.

It’s made from a high-quality water-resistant and eco-friendly nylon fiber which is not only comfortable but it will also relieve stress from your shoulder while wearing it on your back. It will surely make your traveling journey amazing with peace of mind. This amazing laptop backpack is suitable for variety of situations such as educational use, in which it can be used as a school backpack meanwhile at the same time it can be also used for business purpose as it can carry anything from your daily life activities.

If you are worried about its price then let me assure you that it won’t cost you more than 21 dollars which is quite affordable if we compare its features with other expensive & top laptop backpacks in the market. 


  •   Made from high-quality nylon fiber. 
  •   Can be used as a travel, laptop & school backpack at the same time. 
  •   External USB with built-in charger. 
  •   10 + compartments for convenient storage. 
  •   Water-resistant. 
  •   Lightweight design. 



  •   There are some concerns regarding its zipper quality.


VASCHY Leather Laptop Backpack Review

VASCHY Leather Laptop Backpack is an outstanding leather laptop backpack that comes with a unique fashionable design made from top-quality leather and canvas. It’s a simple and generous backpack in which soft, breathable and shrink resistant material is used that will help you during water spills. Many people are concerned about the storage capacity of laptop backpacks because there are several popular brands in the market and the majority of them have quite disappointing storage space.

In this VASCHY Leather backpack, you will get the main pocket that will be covered with a leather flap along with two other narrow leather straps for additional safety.

There are also an impressive amount of inner pockets in this laptop backpack with a padded compartment that will be enough for a 15-inch laptop. If you previously had a bad experience with a zipper of any of the laptop backpack then we are quite confident that you will be impressed with its zipper quality which is smooth and comfortable.

A laptop backpack is mostly used during traveling or outside so there will be a separate compartment in the form of pockets to keep water bottles in it. It’s an ultimate choice for school and college-going students as they can carry books, notebooks, and various other stationery items in it.

You can even use this laptop backpack for keeping your basic daily life necessities such as wallet, keys, Ipad, Tablets and mobile phones. People are often neurotic about the safety of their things when it comes to using a laptop backpack, well it has a safety lock that will keep all your items safe and secure. You will also get one year of extended warranty which will secure your money in case of any damage or other inconvenience.

If you still have any sort of concerns or doubts about this leather laptop backpack then feel free to check its Amazon customer reviews.


  •   Premium quality Zipper which is solid and sturdy.
  •   Adjustable shoulder straps.
  •   Ensures optimum comfort to your back.
  •   Made from durable material.
  •   Comes with 1 year of warranty.


  •   Bit small for laptops above 15.6 inch.


KROSER Best Laptop Backpack for Women

It’s an outstanding laptop backpack that is made from high-quality pure Leather/nylon and a water repellent material that makes it lightweight as compared to other laptop backpacks.

It comes with an elegant USB port design that will make easy for you to charge your cell phone with the help of the power bank.

As far as storage space of this laptop backpack is concerned, it offers multi-compartment which will be quiet enough for your laptop and tablet.

It offers perfect storage space for your small daily use items such as credit cards and keys. Moreover, these compartments come in a simple and practical design that will make it easy for you to open it smoothly.

Many people are often neurotic about old fashion because they want to compete with others by following the latest trends. Kroser Laptop backpack is made according to the latest trends as you will also get black leather pullers in this laptop backpack which will be an Ultimate choice of fashion.

If you talk little bit about its portability then there are some notable features such as unique leather handles along with the well tight luggage belt that will make convenient for you to fix this laptop backpack on your luggage so that you can continue your journey e with peace of mind.

You can also flawlessly keep your important documents in this backpack as it’s constructed with the water-resistant material that will ensure your laptop and documents dry during rain or any sort of accidental water spills.

Whether you are going on an off-road journey where you have to face bumps, it will ensure maximum protection for your precious items such as mobiles, laptops against scratches or any sort of damage.

Just like any other laptop backpack, you get two side pockets in this backpack where you can easily keep water bottles and even umbrella for rainy weather. It’s quite clear now that it’s not just an ordinary laptop backpack however, you can also compare it with other products and the final decision will be up to you. 


  •   Lightweight design.
  •   Convenient storage. 
  •   Comfortable carry experience. 
  •   Made from durable material. 
  •   Perfect for business traveling and other outdoor activities. 
  •   Affordable price. 


  •   Its large middle compartment is bit smaller than its rivals.


AmazonBasics Laptop Shoulder Bag

Amazonbasics Laptop backpack’s one of my personal choices when it comes to buying a high-quality laptop backpack for a 15.6-inch laptop or tablet. It’s relatively comfortable laptop bag and easy to carry. It is equipped with the padded interior that will make convenient for you to hold your laptop without adding any sort of unnecessary weight or bulk. It provides all the necessary space which is required to store even your basic daily life things such as keys, cables, and other electronic gadgets.

In this laptop backpack, you will get separate accessories storage pockets where you can keep a portable Mouse, iPod and cell phone. It’s an organized backpack where you can place all the things in an organized manner so that you can grab them quickly when they are needed. As far as customer reviews of this product are concerned, they are simply outstanding because more than 14000 people have positively reviewed this product on Amazon that makes it one of the best-selling laptop backpack among its rivals.

It’s a quite comfortable backpack that won’t impose any stress on your back as it’s made from a comfortable material. Moreover, it’s not just an ordinary laptop backpack because you can also use it for multipurpose such as school or education-related or even business as you can carry it anywhere.

It’s an Ultimate option when you don’t want to pay a huge amount of cash but at the same time, you are also concerned about the quality e. There is one unique thing that makes this product bit different from others as it’s sold by Amazon to its basics program that makes it an authentic product because you will get all those features that are promised. Let’s discuss some of its pros and cons from a third-person perspective. 


  •   Durable and smart design. 
  •   Affordable cost. 
  •   Quick access compartments. 
  •   Accessory storage pockets. 
  •   Great for traveling. 


  •   Lacks professional touch.


KROSER Backpack for 15.6-17.3 Inch Laptop

If you are interested in massive storage compartments then Kroser Laptop backpack will be the ultimate option for you. It’s made from a high-quality water-resistant material that not only protects it against accidental water spills but also makes it a lightweight backpack. It has a wide frame as compared to other best laptop backpacks that’s why you will get multi compartments where you can easily store your laptop, iPad, wallet, power bank and several other items in separate spaces.

It’s designed with the high-quality well-padded foam that will make easy for you to even place a 17.3-inch laptop. As far as the safety features of this laptop backpack are concerned, there is a well-knit luggage belt used in this laptop up that will provide you ease while fixing the laptop bag on the trolley of your luggage.

Well, it’s up to you whether you consider this laptop backpack if you own a laptop greater than 17 inches or any other related product. However, along with all these features, there is also a USB port design so that you can charge your cell phone anywhere.

Previously we had reviewed another related backpack of Krose for women but when it comes to this laptop backpack then there is no limitation as it can be used by both men and women.

There will be also an anti-theft pocket it with the convenient zipper that will keep all your important items safe and secure. In the last, I would like to discuss a little bit about its price that won’t cost you more than $26.

As we all know that market is quite saturated this time due to availability of several other brands so to get all these features in this affordable price tag is not a bad deal especially when you have a limited budget or you don’t want to waste hundreds of bucks on expensive products.


  •   Huge compartments for convenient storage. 
  •   Affordable cost. 
  •   Ideal for big laptops. 
  •   Durable and comfortable. 
  •   Includes several safety features. 


  •   There are color limitations.


Lightweight Slim Laptop Backpack

Slim laptop backpack by Covax will be a great choice for your laptop and other daily use valuable items. This slim laptop backpack will be the ultimate choice for anyone, who is a bit more concerned about safety because this laptop backpack includes a hidden anti-theft lock system that will secure all your valuable items, moreover you can also enjoy your International trips with peace of mind.

It’s made from a comfortable material along with the soft ventilated padding that will ensure flawless airflow. Many people think that carrying a backpack requires huge stress on Shoulders, well that’s not the case with this backpack because it contains breathable shoulder straps that will relieve all the stress form from your back and Shoulder.

It’s made from high quality and durable polyester fabric that makes this backpack non-bulky and water-resistant. You will also get two-way zippers that will be long-lasting and permanent.

The usage of this laptop backpack is not only limited to a few things because you can also use this best backpack on many occasions such as office, school, travel, business, etc…

This multi-purpose backpack has organized and multi-pockets that will be quite enough to store your laptop, technical accessories; iPhone, Ipad, Wallet, Keys, and several others daily use items.

If you are looking for lightweight laptop backpacks for everyday usage then we are quite sure that it will be a perfect companion for all your personal, college/school and business related needs.

It will keep all your things organized as it has multiple compartments which are made for different purposes. You can also give this backpack to your loved ones as a gift on special occasions such as birthday or anniversaries.

It’s an excellent alternative to all those expensive backpacks that cost thousands of dollars without any key features. If you want more portability then you should consider it in your priority list


  •   Soft and Comfortable handle. 
  •   Stylish design. 
  •   Multiple pockets and compartments. 
  •   High-Quality Dual Metal Zippers. 
  •   Adjustable Buckle. 
  •   Made from a water-resistant Polyester Material. 
  •   Anti-Theft System.


  •   There are no reported cons of this product according to customer reviews.


Mancro Laptop Travel Laptop Backpack

If you spend most of your time in traveling then Mancro travel laptop backpack will be the best choice for you. It offers multi compartments along with versatile pockets that can help you to keep your things organized.

There is also a tiny zipper pouch with a convenient vertical pocket where you can keep your ID card, important documents or any other additional items from daily use.

As we have said that this laptop backpack is ideal for traveling that’s why it includes an anti-theft lock system that will protect your valuable items and ensures full-fledged safety so that you can start your traveling journey with peace of mind.

This amazing laptop backpack is made according to the latest technological trend, that’s why it offers a USB port that would allow you to connect your cell phone with the charger. You should keep in mind that you need to have a power bank first to enable USB charging in this backpack.

If we talk a little bit about its material, it’s made from a comfortable and sturdy material along with soft cushioning on its top handles that will make easy for you to use it on long distances.

As far as the super quality of this college laptop backpack is concerned, it includes smooth and easy to use zippers that will last longer for your college or traveling related use.

Durable polyester fabric material has been used in this backpack which is not only water repellent but also makes this laptop backpack lightweight. It’s a great option for overseas travel as it can easily fit under an airplane seat without any hassle.

It will be a good partner for your upcoming trip because it doesn’t impose any stress on your back despite having heavy items in it. A good travel laptop backpack should have trustworthy safety features so that you can avoid any inconvenience during your memorable trip.

The cost of this backpack is another key factor that you should consider seriously as you will get all those features that are rarely seen in this price range. It’s a perfect option especially when you are a true travel lover.


  •   Ideal travel laptop backpack. 
  •   Include a USB charging system. 
  •   Affordable cost. 
  •   Multi compartments and pockets. 
  •   Anti-theft feature to protect your items. 
  •   Affordable cost.


  •   Side pockets are small.


JanSport Right Pack Expressions Laptop Backpack

It’s an outstanding lightweight laptop backpack that comes in unique styles and prints. This laptop backpack by Jansports is made from high-quality cotton and fabric material that makes it durable enough.

The sweet leather bottom along with premium cotton Canvas fabric makes this backpack quite comfortable so that it can be carried anywhere. Its internal sleeve will be ideal for 15-inch laptops without causing any storage-related problems.

It has a front utility pocket that will keep all the items organized and handy. If you quickly want to grab some essential items then this laptop backpack will be the best choice for your needs as no other backpack can keep things organized at this level.

Many people are often disappointed with the color limitations of laptop backpacks as you have also seen that the majority of the backpacks have a single color and that is black.

However, when it comes to this outstanding laptop backpack then it offers color variety along with a variety of prints that are simply unique and outstanding. The popular prints include animals, rainbow colors and colors on fabrications.

If you want to keep yourself updated according to the current trends then this laptop backpack will be the best option as it comes in a variety of styles and colors.

The durability of this backpack is another core factor in its growing popularity because it’s made from a unique fabric material that lasts longer than most of the backpacks. It’s up to you whether you want to use this backpack for office-related purpose or business-related, it will satisfy all your needs without disappointing you. 


  •   Includes one large main compartment. 
  •   Made from high-quality suede leather material. 
  •   Padded shoulder straps for ultimate comfort. 
  •   Unique cotton and fabric material has been used in it. 
  •   Affordable Cost. 


  •   This product doesn’t have any reported cons.


Kipling Seoul Solid Laptop Backpack

It’s a unique laptop backpack which is made from a high-quality nylon material that will surely last longer than ordinary laptop backpacks. It comes along with several pockets that are located on its interior and exterior side.

You can also keep your water bottles in the separate compartments of this backpack. Kipling is known for their quality products so while buying a laptop backpack you should consider it in your priority list without any hesitation or worries about anything.

It offers a colorful array that gives unique multicolor texture to this backpack, unlike other typical backpacks. If we talk a little bit about its cost and affordability the one thing is quite clear that it doesn’t have a low cost because spending more than 114$ for any backpack is a tough decision especially when you are unaware of its quality.

It’s not just a laptop backpack because you can also use it for other purposes such as school, business or traveling because it has huge space to store anything from your daily life. The monkey keychain of this solid laptop backpack is another key feature because it will prevent misplacing of keys as it will be the next home to your most precious things.

It will keep all your things organized such as medicines because in case of any emergency you don’t need to throw all the things outside to find medicine as they will be stored in a separate section so that you can grab it quickly.

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars of expensive and useless brands then we will recommend you to try Kipling Laptop backpack this time, we are quite sure and confident that you won’t regret later. If your budget is limited but still you want something different then Kipling Seoul will be the most accurate decision that you can take in this scenario.


  •   Comes with various arrays of colors and styles.
  •   Lightweight design.
  •   Made with durable and comfortable nylon.
  •   Includes Monkey keychain.
  •   It has a convenient storage space.


  •   Expensive Price.


Tips for choosing the right laptop backpack 

It’s quite difficult to decide what laptop back is best for you to buy? In this buying guide, we will specify some of the choices based on the characteristics and features of an average laptop backpack so that it becomes easy for you to choose the right one especially when you have thousands of other choices.

Whenever there is a variety, many people often get confused or puzzled due to the similarity of features in the same price tag. You must choose the right backpack depending upon your lifestyle and daily habits because something perfect for you may not be perfect for another person.

A good laptop backpack is designed to ensure the safety of your laptop up and other precious items. These backpacks are designed to protect your expensive laptop against damage from false or bumps that occur during traveling.

Several types of laptop backpacks come in various dedicated compartments and pockets so you have to decide the right one according to your needs. You have to take your final decision with full perfection so that whenever you drop your backpack accidentally hi, not need to worry about any sort of damage.

As we have also said before that there are thousands of laptop backpacks in the market, the best one can be a difficult task but certainly not impossible. 


The material from which any laptop backpack is made decides its durability and lightweight. Nowadays due to the advancement of Technology, any material can be used to make a backpack. However, we will specify some of the durable materials that you should look for or while choosing any laptop backpack. 

Canvas: It’s a type of durable fabric which is not only water-resistant but it also protects your laptop during rainy weathers. Remember, it’s not a waterproof material but it will surely protect your laptop against accidental water spills and sudden rains. 

Polyester: It’s the lightest material among all that makes any laptop backpack portable and lightweight. These types of materials are also durable and long-lasting. 

Leather: If you want to follow the latest trend and style then you should consider buying a leather laptop backpack. These backpacks are ideal for business use and traveling because of their unique style and durability. 


Size is a serious concern when it comes to buying a laptop backpack. As we all know that laptops come in various sizes and designs so it’s hard to find a static backpack where all these sizes can easily adjust. You don’t want a laptop backpack that is too large or too small all that’s why you should always check the laptop size before buying any laptop backpack. You can find the size section of any backpack on its Amazon sales page before ordering, however, if you have finalized the product which is listed in this article, then you don’t need to go anywhere else because we have reviewed every product in-depth. 


Carrying capacity is another key feature that you should look for while picking up the best laptop backpack. Some laptop backpacks are only designed for a single laptop while many of them have a lot of storage space to store other items as well. If you are a student then you should of this still look for some extra space for your textbooks, and water bottles.

Comfort level 

Comfort is a crucial factor that decides the success of any backpack. No one wants to impose unnecessary stress on their shoulders. However, the laptop backpacks which are made from materials like nylon, polyester, etc… are very comfortable to carry for a long duration because of their soft shoulder straps. While choosing any laptop backpack you should first check whether it’s comfortable or not, this can be easily checked through Amazon customer reviews. If you are choosing any of the laptop backpacks which are listed in this article, then don’t forget to check their pros and cons that will provide unbiased information.


If you have a strong fashion sense then style it is also an important feature for you that you should closely look in any backpack before choosing. Everyone has a different fashion sense; some people are interested in vintage design while others want to follow the modern trend. You have to choose the right backpack according to your fashion sense so that it can match your personality.

Travel or Work? 

Some people are looking for those laptop backpacks that can be used in traveling while others are looking for or backpacks that can satisfy their work or school-related needs. If you want to buy a laptop backpack for traveling then we will recommend you to consider its portability e and comfort level first while if you want to buy a backpack for your school or business then you should look for its size.

Indoor or outdoor use 

You also have to choose a laptop backpack according to the type of use. If you mostly want to use during outdoor activities such as camping or traveling then you should go for those laptop backpacks which are made from water repellent material.

If you want to use it for indoor use such as office or business then and it might be a less concern for you how to choose a water repellent laptop backpack. To avoid accidental water spills we will recommend you to always go for or water repellent backpacks.


It’s a last but not least factor that everyone considers seriously while buying a laptop backpack. There are two types of laptop backpacks, the expensive ones, and the affordable ones. An expensive laptop backpack doesn’t mean that it will surely satisfy all your needs just because of its price while on the other hand, it’s not necessary that and affordable laptop backpack will satisfy all your needs.

So the question here arises is that how to choose a right backpack at the right price? Well, it’s quite easy to decide, if you have a limited budget then you should go for those backpacks that have a maximum number of features that you need. If budget is not a concern for you, then you should choose according to your needs.

However, no one wants to waste their hard-earned money on crap products that’s why you need to analyze customer reviews of any laptop backpack that you want to choose because sometimes even expensive backpacks have many flaws which are reversible. Along with the price, you should also go for those backpacks that offer at least one year of warranty from the manufacturer side.


Finding a good laptop backpack can be quite easy if you follow the right guide. This detailed guide we have specified those products that can perfectly satisfy your needs. choosing a random laptop backpack can result in serious consequences such as damaging your laptop or any sort of quality-related issues.

You need to determine what is important for you when it comes to buying a laptop backpack because everyone has different concerns and needs. So you have to choose a laptop backpack according to your situation and personality. Once you have specified your needs, then it will be quite easy for you to choose the right backpack.

Never compromise on price because a good laptop backpack can easily last up to 10 years. If you feel that this buying guide has helped you to choose the right laptop backpack then don’t forget to share it on your social media profiles so that your friends can also take benefit of this detailed guide while choosing a laptop backpack.

We wish you all the best and we hope that you will frequently visit our website for regular updates.

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