Best Mini Laptop for Word Processing [UPDATED 2020]

Best Mini Laptop for Word Processing

In today’s world, we use laptops and computer to write a journal, books, essays, and even a thesis. For a student or a teacher, having the best mini laptop for word processing is must-have.

Gone are the days when we had to rely on Typewriter to get our writing chores done. Technology has taken a 180-degree shift and computer industry has no exception to that.

Without a proper laptop, you cannot strive in your studies as well as in today’s competitive world.

Today’s writers prefer to pour down their thoughts in the digital world and send over to the respective journal, clients, websites, schools or universities.

If you are looking for the best mini laptop to tackle your word processing chores, look nowhere. We are with a dedicated post in which, going to pen down the best mini laptops for writing and Word processing.

Laptops for word processing or writing needs to be different, here the workload is different, you are not going to play high-ended games over there, rather need something which could stay alive with you for extended hours.

Our Best Picks in  2020
Name: Ram: Screen Size: Price:
ASUS C100PA-DB02 4 GB 10.1-Inch Check Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 4GB DDR4 12.3-Inch PixelSense screen Check Price
Lenovo – IdeaPad 100s 2 GB 11.6-Inch Check Price
ASUS ZenBook 8GB DDR4 13.6-Inch Check Price
Surface 2 8 GB of RAM 13.5-Inch Screen Check Price
MacBook Air -Best Quality Laptop 8 GB 13.3-Inch Check Price

So, the criterion is obviously changed, in the post, we also give you some useful tips to purchase a laptop for word processing, writing and typing work.

Top best laptops for word processing or writers in 2020:

For those who surround themselves with lots of writing tasks, need something which helps them over sorting the stuff out. With the mentioned laptops, you will have a better word processing and writing in 2020 for sure.

1) ASUS C100PA-DB02

ASUS C100PA-DB02  Check Price


The first laptop on our list is something which comes in hands at a low price and offers splendid writing experience. The competitively priced ASUS Chromebook will definitely impress you from its look, performance, and battery run to time. Believe me, if you are scouring the internet for weeks in search of an option which could look over your writing tasks, creating documents and executing programs, ASUS C100PA-DB02 is a beast.

This convertible flip 2-in-1 laptop is a fairly simple, eye-catching and performance-oriented machine. The screen is not detachable, but you can have a folded keyboard in your desired way.

The weight of this powerhouse is extremely less, just 2 pounds, are not going to hurt your shoulder or back. Laptop’s body is made of sleek aluminum metal and features 2 USB ports.

The ChromeOS running ASUS laptop unlocks the Chrome power and make you access favorite Chrome web store where you can surf Google docs, Android apps and much more on the go. Asus’s Chromebook starts and loads files in seconds, and last for extended hours, at least 10-hours in a single charging.

ASUS convertible laptop features rock chip 1.8Ghz processor, 4GB onboard ddr3 RAM and features two storage option 16/32GB.

You can connect the Chromebook to your smart TV, HDTV using the connectivity port provided. If you are looking for a small laptop, which is nearly forgotten in your bag, roll your hands onto this machine.


  • Lots of connectivity option in the Chromebook features HDMI, USB, and MicroSD as well as a Card reader
  • Sturdy built
  • Eye-catching design
  • Extended, impressive battery run time, runs at least for 10-hours in a single charging
  • Weighs only two pounds, lighter than the lightest
  • Connect it with a SmartTv, HDTV and extra layer of multimedia


  • The storage option is less and underperform
  • Dim display, with poor resolution

2) Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface ProCheck Price

No one had imagined that Microsoft would produce its own laptops.  You are going to roll on your hands on a laptop which is designed by Microsoft and runs Windows in a mini laptop, with all windows’ products available free of cost.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is specifically designed and assists those who used to do lots of word processing, writing, and artistic work.

The surface pro series combines the work of a tablet and laptop without sacrificing the performance and functionality.

The Pro series features a pressure-sensitive stylus, in layman language, if you have the feature onboard you can run programs likes of Art Rage and Airflow. You can design anything on the screen; the screen is responsive and renders high resolution equal to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The pro series 4th installment features mind-blowing and fastest process in mini laptops, Intelsky lake i5 processor. The CPU considered high performing, and you will have it under a budget price range.

The laptop also offers you the option to remove keyboard altogether, if need. The detachable keyboard doubles the joy as the screen can be bend over up 360-degree. Having a dedicated keyboard though offers you a good amount of action, especially if they are designed good and well-spaced.

The surface pro mini laptop for writers offers you a dedicated 4GB DDR4 RAM and 128GB SSD storage. Both of this option makes the mini laptop stands out in the crowd, as we hardly see 128GB storage in a machine.

Keep in mind; we are here in the hunt for a laptop for writers and word processing tasks. The laptop features an amazing range of performance and specs, you must not overlook the machine and have the pressure-sensitive stylus and detachable keyboard option in the count.


  • Impressive 128GB SSD hard
  • The battery backup is impressive, lasts at least 8-hours in single charging.
  • Since it runs windows, you get many windows product free
  • Powerhouse processor
  • The versatility of a laptop and a tablet in one


  • The stylus and keyboard/cover not part of the purchase have to buy them in extra expenditure

3) Lenovo – IdeaPad 100s

Lenovo - IdeaPad 100sCheck Price

Lenovo’s Ideapad 100s is definitely going to exceed your expectation. The laptop is pure gold in that price and you will have a happy with this shop.

The laptop features Z3735F CPU which is enough power to hold most of the applications, or word documents you throw at it. You will be writing, crafting your documents files without any hiccup. The machine battery run time is impressive can expect at least 10-hours with the powerful battery.

The laptop features a good camera, not powerful enough but having this add-on is a bit like a treat.

The machine features 32GB eMMC flash memory options which run quite fast, the capacity though could have been enhanced. Having just 32GB is less than what we expect from a full-fledged laptop, most of the space is taken us by the operating system.

Lenovo Ideapad 100s features 11.6 inches LED-backlit screen, the screen display is vibrant and you get rich colors on the go.

The memory option again is bit disappointment, 2GB would not be enough to take the load of more than one files.

The laptop runs Windows 10 home basic version, you already know the improvements in the latest Windows 10 home, the instant pro, and boots up is something amazing to have in a laptop at that price range.

The laptop is surely recommended if you surf the web and write journals, or need something to process word documents. If you need to play video games, or high-resolution videos watching, the machine cannot fill the bill in that regard.


  • Instant pro and Boot up option resume and start laptop quickly
  • Impressive graphics range at that price
  • Fast USB ports compared to the other counterparts


  • Unreliable trackpad
  • Audio performance below than average
  • Memory option could have been enhanced


4) ASUS ZenBook

ASUS ZenBookCheck Price

If you are looking for a hardcore mini laptop option, the machine which could give a tough competition to the likes of the product of Apple MacBook, look no further, we got something amazing for you. ASUS has come up with some amazing range of features as long as specification without cutting the corners at that price.

The laptop features a 13.3 inches screen and is powered with Intel Core i7-8550U processor, which is powerful enough to take the load even heaviest file without rendering or freezing.

This machine also features a good amount of RAM, 8GB is even enough to take a load of high-ended video games. The device has been specially taken care when it came to the storage capacity. Look at 256GB SSD hard option, can store anything with blazing speed. I checked all features and performances of the machine closely and blown away with the brighter and vibrant screen and visuals. The laptop is integrated with Intel UHD Graphics 620 to offer rich color options.

The machine is extremely portable, even though it supports 13.3 inches screen with HD display, you would not feel any weight on your shoulder. The integration of Anti glaring display, vide viewing angles make you have the screen outside on sunny days, at the campus and do your work without any hiccup.

The laptop is integrated with an amazing keyboard, the spacious backlit keys with the pressure-sensitive feature are something mesmerizing.

The battery backup could not have been better than this. The laptop runs at least for 12-hours with a single charging, for casual doings.

If you get this product I can assure you that, you will not feel any need to upgrade the option for years. The laptop features everything that a writer or a student would ever need to carry out their casual tasks without any hiccup.


  • Super-fast speed laptop
  • Fantastic value for your money
  • Impressive CPU performance
  • Ample amount of RAM available


  • Many say battery could have been better than this

5) Surface 2

Check Price

If you are looking for an advanced option for your casual doings, surface pro offers you a great option. Surface Pro 2 enhances your writing and word processing experience, and does everything perfectly.

The laptop brings powerhouses to do what you want, with 8th generation Intel core i5 processor and 8GB DDR4 dedicated RAM, you are about to experience anything in speed. The machine adhere 14 hours long battery run-time, enough space to watch your favorite web series on Netflix.

Surface Pro 2 is a hands-down option for someone who cares about looks and aesthetics. The laptop stands out in the design and complements your own style. Fits easily in your bag, weighs 2.76 pounds, complete your look color-rich, good looking machine.

It features a 13.5 inches Pixel sense display that supports fast quick navigation and inspires you to watch your favorite videos, play favorite games and do what you desire.

It runs Windows 10 home basic, enjoys quick log-in, fast resuming and Crotona intelligent assistant. The machine also comes with licensed premium programs such as office and others.

The surface Arc mouse, a latest and cutting-edge innovation in the mouse technology, would blow you away for sure. The mouse is designed for traveling which conforms to your hand and fits y our hands easily. It connects via Bluetooth, no hiccup of wires from now on.

The keyboard integrates with surface pro offers spacious spaced keys, signature Alcantara material covered keyboard with palm rest. You can type for hours without feeling tired, the keys can take the load of continuous working.


  • Writers-oriented features
  • Fast, incredible performance on the go
  • Great storage option
  • The fastest process to take the loads
  • Sober-design


  • Docking station gets disconnect very often


6) MacBook Air

Apple MacBook AirCheck Price

If you really want to get a perfect usage of your money, opting-with something other than Macbook Air would be a crime. Apple’s front runner, the machine which set the rule for a laptop, no one can beat the performance and specs attached to this. The latest model sports all new and updated design, thinner than the older model.

The latest entry to the MacBook Air series is featured with Apple’s hallmark retina display and powered with eight generations Intel processor.

The 13-inch MacBook Air offers a vivid color display, sharp graphics and outshines counterparts.

The bezels of the machine are not as thinner as other Windows and Chrome OS-based laptops, but it is bolstered with a larger trackpad and smaller footprint.

Speaking of the build quality, I do not think any top-leading brand can compete MacBook Air when it comes to building quality. The laptop is pure gold at this price, offer premium build quality, made of 100-percent recycled aluminum.

The laptop is a good fit for a school or college goers, even a person who travels a lot and is always on the go, find the machine a perfect travel companion. The laptop is a perfect beast for internet browsing, article writing, and typing related chores.

But, if you need to go through high-resolution video editing, video watching and playing high-ended video games, switch with MacBook pro.

Air’s multi-tasking is incredible; in our tests we found that machine can withstand at least 15 tabs simultaneously. The laptop is good at online buffering, light apps running and video watching. The machine is configured with 8GB RAM, cannot think a better machine for college-goers than this.

The battery run tie is amazing, can expect 10-hours without any problem. You get better speakers, touch ID, USB-C port, and much more in that small package.


  • Best laptop for handling word processing
  • Sky-rocketing speed it offers
  • Good battery backup
  • Crispy graphics experience


  • Cannot take the load of heavy apps


7) Lenovo Miix 510

Lenovo Miix 510 Check Price

The Miix 510 is Lenovo’s latest 2-in-1 laptop. The laptop features a keyboard, cover, 7th generation Intel processor and improved connectivity.

The laptop shares the same looks as of its predecessor, the same boxy grey look with the black attachable keyboard cover. The only up-gradation in design is its typically flashy yoga-like a hinge on the rear.

The laptop checks all the right boxes, for the tablet as well as traditional laptop users. It houses proper connectivity such as single USB 3.0, USB-C port, Micro SD port, and Audio jack. The device meets the criteria of connectivity needs of a wide array of people.

It is a highly portable machine, weighs 870 g for the tablet alone, and 1.2 KG with a keyboard dock in tow, exceptionally portable.

The laptop’s keyboard can compete with any of the top-leading brand’s mini laptop. The chicklet keys feel identical to the previous come up, which is a good thing. The keys are well spaced and have quite impressive key travel speed with tactical and responsive typing. The keys are backlit; full-sized is a bonus for the users.

The trackpad could have been improved than this, bit mixed bag. The smaller than most of the laptops on the competing side, and does not feature physically separate left and right button.

Miix 510 has a good 12.2 screen, unlike the previous generation; this model has high-ended resolution with near-full HD, along with IPS panel’s integration.

The Lenovo Miix 510 features Intel core i5 processes with 8GB RAM. Integration of 128GB SSD hard to fills up the storage space in a good way. Though, most of the space goes in OS processing, still good storage.

The battery backup of the Lenovo front-runner is good to go, you get 8 long hours without injecting any charger.


  • Latest generation processor offers blazing speed
  • High-definition touchscreen display
  • Enough RAM to handle multi-tasking
  • Dual array microphone with noise cancellation tech for hassle-free communication


  • Storage is not as par other counterparts at the same price
  • The battery does not go for 8-hours as advertised

8) Lenovo Ideapad Miix310

Lenovo Miix 510 Check Price

Another Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop finds its place on our list. The version of the IdeaPad is responsive, well-performing and small-sized, that is our hunt.

The laptop is designed to be a travel companion, does not weighs too much. The brand itself advertised it as “eminently mobile”.

Ideapad Miix310 weighs less than one and a half-pound, lighter than some of the tablets listed here.

Despite weighing this less weight, the laptop features Intel Atom processor, with quad-core functionality, enough power to take the load of heavy apps and multi-tasking one the go.

The detachable keyboard feature has made it sweep others from the root. You enjoy the feature of a tablet as well as a fully-functional laptop. The 10-inch convertible screen laptop is equipped with vibrant, wide viewing angle 1280×800 displays and 180-degree wide viewing angle. In layman language, that means, watching the screen from any angle would not be an issue with the feature-on.


  • The IPS display is great for creating art
  • Incredible sharp display with vivid colors
  • Very thin and portable laptop
  • Features Micro HDMI connection, which allows you to take media, games, apps and other HDTV when you need


  • Plastic screen
  • 64GB eMMC hard drive

What to look for when buying a mini laptop for word processing?

For someone who uses a laptop for writing, the criteria for purchasing one for him would be different from normal users or a pro gamer. The person is going to use the machine largely for writing tasks, compiling papers, crafting documents and storing them online. So, these are some mainly looking after features of such a laptop.


For a writer, when an idea stuck in his mind, the first tool he tries to access is a pen and paper. He tries to pen down the thoughts before it washes away. In the same way, the writers of the generation note down their thoughts online/offline using a laptop.

A good keyboard for a laptop what is going to be used largely for typing is paramount. The keyboard must look ergonomic, keys should be spaced, they should be pressured on mild pressure and like that.

You are going to deal with the lots of work; the ergonomic keyboard will help you in compiling thousands of words in a single session without any hiccup.


For a mini laptop, the portability is the biggest driving factor. In the age of SnapChat and Whatsapp, we need something highly portable, lightweight what we could carry around everywhere.

A bulky, large screen size laptop is cumbersome to carry. You would not be able to take them and roam around, so look for a portable lightweight machine.

Battery Life:

Writing a document, compiling research paper, penning down an essay is not an-hour tasks. It can sometimes take days and more than this. You need something which runs for hours without needing to be charged.

The mini-laptops what we review above are good at the battery. About all of them can go as long as 8 hours without any hiccup.

Screen Size:

Though screen size does not matter that much for writing or word processing. Still, that should not be small enough to show the web page entirely, or that big to add up kilos to the weight. Ideal size for a mini laptop for writing tasks would be near 9-10 inches. But, if the screen is featured with IPS panel, wide viewing angles and vibrant colors, it would be cherry on the cake.

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