Best Mini Laptop for Gaming [Updated 2020]

best mini gaming laptopsIf you are hunting for the best mini laptop for gaming and finding it hard to choose one, we are going to pen down a detailed guide on this.

Just stick to this guide, and read it fully, in the end, you would at least opt-with one product enlisted.

Best small gaming laptop 2020 have become a separate niche now.

People love to play video games, you see gaming devices are leaving no stone unturned in providing mesmerizing gaming experience to the users.

You cannot carry around a dedicated gaming device around while traveling or in office. On the other hand, the best mini laptops are very easy to carry.

You need something light-weighted, portable, which could fit easily in the bag and you play video games or watch videos in idle. The mini gaming laptops fall right on your demand.

Short Overview of Laptops
Name Ram Screen Size Price
ASUS Flip C302 4 GB 12.5″ Check Price
Google Pixelbook [ #1 Seller ] 8GB LPDDR3 12.3-inch QHD Check Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 4GB RAM 12.3-inch Check Price
Acer Aspire Switch 10 Detachable 2 2GB DDDR3 10.1-Inch Check Price
Lenovo S21e 80M4002DUS [ Best for Under Budget ] 2GB DDR3 RAM 11.6 inches Check Price

In true sense, mini laptops are mobile laptops which weighs less than 3kg (around 2-3kg) with a screen size of 10 inches.

The weight and the size of the mini laptop make them easy to carry for the users who would want to carry them around in a bag or handheld pouch. This adds to the portability of them carrying around without any big hiccup.

You can use the mini laptop like the way you have been using normal laptops. They feature a Keyboard, proper sized screen, USB port, and touchpad.

In plain English, you can do anything that you have been doing with a proper desktop computer or normal laptop.

5 Top of the list Best Mini Laptop For Gaming 2020

Gaming laptops are dime a dozen. Finding the best mini laptop for gaming requires serious consideration. Every laptop does not fulfill the criterion of a gaming machine. Gaming laptops are something different when we look at the specification, keyboard, screen, and other integral components.

So, our yardstick was very strict, we took hours in filtering the products and finally come up with the mentioned products.

1) ASUS Flip C302 – One of the Best Gaming Laptops 2020

ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook FlipASUS is ruling the gaming laptop market. This brand has provided dozens of best-selling product and offering fantastic gaming and casual laptop series. I have always been a great fan of ASUS gaming machines as they come with a wide range of features along with anti-heat mechanism. You rarely see their gaming beast catches heat.

The ASUS Flip C302 is designed to offer one of the finest gaming and casual using experience. I have not seen such amazing aesthetics along with functions in bringing up this machine.

This laptop has a two-pound weight with a 12.5 inches LCD screen. The HD IPS display comes with viewing angle. The convertible gaming machine comes with 360-degree hinges. The hinges make it a convertible machine from gaming mode to tablet or tent mode. You can easily have this converted to any angle and use it as per your desire or demand.

For watching something, convert it into a tablet mode and have a mesmerizing video watching experience.

For playing games or typing something, have it in a normal computer or stand mode. These all features make it an ideal mini-laptop what comes at a price.

You can connect it to any entertainment device such as smartTv or HDTV.

This features an Intel core process with 4GB RAM. The latest RAM integrated can handle videos playing. The storage capacity as well would not let you down; 64GB for a mini-laptop is more than enough.

The body of this gaming beast is made of aluminum, with enhanced battery life. The proclaimed battery life is about 12 hours. In our tests, we found it around 10-hours with handwriting recognition.

The laptop is designed to last for many hours on a single charge. Just open your mini laptop, and get back to your work or play games on it.

Work online, inject your Internet USB and start doing your online tasks if needed.

The boot-up speed is amazing; the laptop never takes more than 3 seconds in boot up.

Install Android application on your Chromebook and have the amusement of using smartphones apps on a computer. If you are the one who wants to install Android gaming apps, this mini gaming laptop is one stop shop. This laptop in true sense is a perfect gaming and casual machine, which fulfill the criterion of gaming in any way.

The laptop features the latest and fastest 801.11ac for smooth WI-FI speed. This state of the art Wi-Fi technology help you connected to the internet all along the day without any hiccups

The mini gaming laptop features power efficient Bluetooth 4.0. You can copy any videos or files using a fast Bluetooth connection.


Processor 2.2 GHz Intel core processor
Storage 64 GB
OS Chromebook
Display 1920×1080 pixels
Screen 12.5″ touchscreen
Battery Life 10 Hr


  • Power-efficient gaming laptop
  • Sleek, sober-looking lightweight design
  • Brighter, clearer visual experience
  • 360-degree hinge rotation makes it useful as a tablet, tent or stands mode.
  • 10 plus hour battery backup
  • Lesser RAM amount
  • 64-GB storage does not fill the bill

Check Price



2) Google Pixelbook [ #1 Seller ]

Google Pixelbook Purchasing a laptop is different from person to person. For normal browsing, videos watching and assignment crafting any laptop good in speed would get it done. There are some persons at some extent which looks deep into the specification and other functions what normal people cannot look.

I have been reading comments regarding should we purchase the Google first mini laptop or product?

Should we put almost 1000 bucks into it? Does it really worth spending into something offering a dedicated browser or at some extent apps to download and install?

The Google-built product has really something out of the box. Google was trying to put its foot into this niche and finally come up with a design such.

This mini-gaming laptop is half an inch thick and weighs almost two and a half pounds. The aluminum gorilla glass made is sturdy stuff you ever have used.

The keyboard is designed to fit the needs of gamers and casual users. The keyboard’s travel time is pretty good; it feels better compiling your assignment using this thin keyboard.

The display is of 12.3-inch with a touchscreen in 3:2 rotation, the resolutions are pretty high. The wide viewing angle made it bright enough to use it in sunlight be warned it’s super reflective though.

The glaring downside to the screen is its bezel. The bezels are too big and cover much of the screen.

Google should have adopted some Samsung model design in term of bezel-less screens.

This features 7th generation core i5 processor, joining hands with 8GB of RAM. The RAM capacity can handle many video games what you desired to play using this beast. The SSD storage really adds-up nicely and increase retrieval time.

The RAM puts you have as many tabs opened as you want and listen to your favourite music while browsing. The RAM can really hold you for long without buffering or freezing.

The usual rule of Chrome browser applies here. You can use the dedicated chrome apps over there which are specifically designed for the Google PixelBook users.

You can use Google Assistant over there, just press the Google assistant key on your keyboard and say “OK Google” to get it to kick start.

The mini-gaming laptop is featured with a pixel book pen. You see this pen cooperating with Google assistant in getting your tasks done within minutes.

Although the brand proclaims to offer 10 hours battery life in one charge, in our tests, it actually runs at least 8 hours while browsing, video watching and at some extent playing video games.

The battery life is good to go, still, the price range demands a longer battery backup.

Pixelbook is powered with Chrome OS. You would not get any OS problem here, it automatically updates, and you always get the latest protected OS version.


CPU 1.2 GHz Intel Core i5-7Y57
Storage 256GB SSD (eMMC)
Connectivity 802.11ac Wi-Fi (2 x 2 MIMO), Bluetooth 4.2
Screen 12.3-inch QHD (2,400 x 1,600,
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 615
Weight 2.4 pounds (1.1kg


  • Sublime design
  • Android apps support
  • Excellent Keyboard
  • Amazing visuals
  • The battery lasts a full workday
  • Limited Chrome OS support
  • Assistant is not as usual

Check Price



3) Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 5If you are the one who loves to craft new things, stories, music, art anything, you need not skip this product.

This mini Microsoft Surface Pro 4 features everything that you need on-go.

This mobile laptop totally renders the optimum productivity, full day long working battery with a softer and sober design look.

Surface pro series is the most successful series manufactured and supported by Microsoft the biggest giant of Silicon Valley.

The laptop is an excellent choice for professional creative persons, and costs significantly less than the other rivals offering the same specifications.

The laptop runs Intec Core i5 processor with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD hard. The specifications are good enough to handle every type of creative work anytime.

The design is identical to the previous version, all magnesium, uni-body casing. The surface logo has changed with the Microsoft new logo.

The screen size is enhanced; the previous version was boasted with 12 inches screen, pro 4 integrated with 12.3 inches screen, without compromising the quality.

The touch screen display is extremely sensitive to touch. You play the games at great speed, as the screen detects 1021 levels of pressure with a single stroke.

As long as performance is concerned, different performance scores displaying an improvement in the performance.

The good sign for the product as Microsoft has put in lots of efforts into building such a fine piece of gaming mini laptop.

If you could look closely, the product beats out HP Spectre X360 in every test conducted by various benchmarks, the famous HP Specter leg behind in every performance test.

The battery backup is enhanced compared to the previous model. Samsung claims its battery lasts for8 hours, in actual tests we see it running only 4 hours.

The other counterparts including spectre x360 offer much battery in the battery department.


Processor Intel Core i5 Processor
Memory 4GB RAM
Storage Capacity 128GB SSD
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Display 12.3-inch PixelSense Screen


  • A larger screen size
  • Sharper, clearer display
  • Improved type cover
  • Surface Pen performance is improved
  • A nice specification addition
  • Battery life could have been improved

Check Price



4) Acer Aspire Switch 10 Detachable 2

Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-16AA DetachableDo you want to purchase a laptop? Or hunting to get your hands onto a tablet? Acer Aspire Switch 10 is a blend of laptop and a tablet and offers the highest convertible experience.

The Acer Aspire Switch is 2 in laptop. It can be used as a complete laptop with an attached keyboard, and a tablet with a detached keyboard.

It features an attractive aluminum lid with straight edges and rounded corners.

The machine is quite easy to attach and detach. The mechanism would not need any expertise or tool, quite simple, turn the screen upside down and get it back on the keyboard frame.

The screen is of 10.1-inches, with IPS display and wide viewing angle integration, the resolution lies at 1280×800. The screen resolution might not be as good; still, the vividness of the colors makes the display glossy and best, check the reviews even.

If you look at the speaker, we cannot proclaim the same as we said about the display, the smaller the laptop, the smaller the speakers.

The Sound quality is terrible; you would not be able to hear the sound even in a small room without external speakers injected.

The keyboard does not fit with the size of the laptop. The keyboard design needs some more special consideration, it could have been better than this, especially in designing.

The trackpad quality is amazing, this was what users expecting from a well-established brand. You get a completely responsive touchscreen all the time; the touchpad would not let you down.

When you are fed up using the trackpad, you can put your finger onto the screen instead.

The specs of this mini gaming laptop are not as great. The reviews regarding the performance are worst, and you can even award this gaming laptop a worst performing. When you need something 2in1, the specs and performance are expected to this low.

The laptop features Intel Atom Z3735F 1.33 GHz Processor and 2GB DDDR3. The storage as well matches the level of performance and stands at 32GB internal storage.

The specs could have been improved and you must get all these specs in your mind already.

The laptop runs Windows 8, and it can be updated to Windows 10 now.

If we wrap up the entire review in a single line, the laptop showcases a pleasant aesthetics and offers extensive convertibility. But, if you look at the performance, it is the least powerful machine, and cannot fill the bill for gaming.


Processor Intel Core i5
Storage 128GB SSD
OS Windows 10 Pro
Display Size 12.3-inch pixels


  • Long lasting battery backup
  • Four modes of use
  • Vivid screen colors display
  • Poor performance
  • Quiet
  • Muddy audio

Check Price


5) Lenovo S21e 80M4002DUS [ Best for Budget ]

Lenovo S21e 80M4002DUS 11.6-Inches LaptopIf you cannot spend a whopping amount of money into purchasing an expensive gadget, Lenovo S21e is your pick.

The machine features an 11.6 inches small screen and makes it an ideal choice for traveling. You can easily carry 2.5 pounds weighing gaming mini laptop without any hiccup.

The Lenovo entry-level gaming laptop features a silver sleek outer casing with a black interior.

The specs are great with the price range. You get Intel Celeron N2840 2.1 GHz Processor with 2GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB SSD storage.

The laptop runs Windows 8.1 operating system; you can update it to Windows 10.

It features a full-screen keyboard, to provide you option to use the keyboard for compiling assignment or chatting with someone in more efficient ways.

The Access Type keyboard, identical to what you see in many larger devices, the touchpads are great on the other side, one can scroll, point and click anything wanted.

The mini-laptop features an impeccable battery life; you would never run short of the battery even after using it for the entire a day.

The laptop is equally good at browsing the internet, watching videos and crafting something artistic. The battery backup can run as long as 5 complete hours with one-shot charging.

The display of the machine makes it show some resemblance with a high-ended premium mini laptop. You see the resolution falls around 1366 x 768; this is more than expected and needed to watch the highest definition videos.

If you are planning to watch the latest Game of Thrones Season, chose this mini-laptop with vivid color display.

The latest 802.11 b/g/n WI-FI connectivity renders fastest Wi-Fi connection possible with Bluetooth 4.0. The laptop connects to the internet in a single blink of the eye wherever you go.

The mini-laptop features 2 USB ports. If you do not feel comfortable using the trackpad or touchscreen, the USB port lets you connect to the mouse.

The HDMI output allows you to connect to any external device such as a TV projector or any monitor.


Processor Intel Celeron N2840
Storage 32 GB SSD storage
OS Windows 8.1


  • The device showcases catchy ascetics
  • The Wider trackpad
  • Affordable price
  • Accurate display
  • Short battery
  • Poor touchpad
  • Poor performance as a whole

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Mini-laptops are in trend nowadays. Especially for those who travel around the world from one city to the other for business and leisure.

These are easy to carry, portable compact mobile computer and render almost every desktop or normal laptop feature.

You can open it up anywhere, do your task and close the lid. Play the games you want, craft artistic piece and browse the internet without any hiccup.

The mini-laptops most of the time feature best quality batteries which last longs compare to the normal laptops.

We hope you will have chosen your mini laptop for gaming. If not, and are confused even now, we can share out best pick with you.

Google PixelBook is a hands-down option for someone looking for a quality mini gaming laptop. This gaming machine features almost everything a gamer requires.

It features comparatively bigger 12.3 inches screen, 256GB SSD hard and 8GB RAM.

The laptop lasts as long as 10 complete hours using it casually. And you can install Android application even to play Android games.

This is a complete package for a gamer and for causal day-to-day tasks handlers.

If you think this guide has helped you in picking the best laptop and can help others choosing one machine, please share this guide. This will help us reach other people seeking this kind of guide.

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