Best Mini Laptop 2020 [Updated January] – Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best mini laptop of 2020? Then You are at the right place at the right time, here you will get full detailed information about the best mini laptops.

Out of the way, many best brands like Asus, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Aser and a couple of other companies step-up their game and bring forth some of the gaming best mini laptops in the market. 

Do you wanna know? What is the best mini laptop?

Since the early 2000s, the world of electronics is continually opposing to come up with devices that are more and more condensed. They are not providing a point of compromise on functionality and efficiency.

As a result, they gave birth to a mini laptop. Essentially, a mini laptop is as little as about 3 pounds along with a screen size of around 10 inches.

The small size and weight make them ideal for customers who want to carry them around in a bag or in hand pouches.

Mini-laptops come with most input features like keyboard, USB ports, and touchpad.

A mini laptop is the best choice if the buyer is looking for a lightweight, dense and pocket-friendly movable computer for work or educational purposes.

Here you will find a list of best mini laptops 2020 trending nowadays. 

Let’s take a look at the topic of discussion, today we will be looking at the best mini laptops that are available in the market for the consumer to buy.

In case, if you are wondering why this list is being made, well that’s because in this era there is great competition among brands.

Each brand wants to manufacture best out of best, people having no knowledge about new technologies, they may face many difficulties.

Top 10 Best Mini Laptop 2020 [Detailed Reviews]

Here is the list of top ten laptops. After reading more you will find your best mini laptop 2020. I have given detailed information about every laptop.

ASUS CHROMEBOOK FLIP C100 ( Best Mini Touch Screen Laptop )

ASUS C100PA-DB02ASUS Chromebook Flip C100 is one of the best mini touch screen laptops touchscreen Chromebook presenting a 360-degree hinge that enables it to function in a variety of modes. It contains the 8th-Gen Intel Core i7 processor.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C100 laptop has a bright, beautiful screen; long battery life; and sweet audio.

This best mini laptop also provides benefits from NVidia graphics to customers; this system outperforms other laptops with integrated GPUs.

It has a flexible 360-degree hinge and 10.1 inches laptop WXGA (1280 x 800) touchscreen.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C100 weights 2 pounds with a thickness of only 0.6 inches, it’s not the lightest but it is light enough to carry the whole day and anywhere without being noticed.

It’s now very easy to open/edit MS Office files by just clicking on QuickOffice editor or Google Docs already embedded in it and can download Microsoft Office Online.

It is difficult to install standard MS Office software. It has Flip features one of its two USB 3.0 ports, as well as buttons for power and volume on the left side.

On the right side, you’ll find a micro SD card reader, a data-only USB Type-C port, a headphone jack, the second USB 3.0 port, an HDMI output port, and a power adapter port. Its biometric security on the flip 14 is handled by its IR webcam and fingerprint reader, they both work with window Hello. 

Webcam of this laptop is located in the middle of the top bezel. Its fingerprint sensor is located on the top- right corner of the touchpad.

This laptop has 10.1-inch HD IPS display with a wide viewing angle and multi-touch capability that increases Chrome OS experience.

ASUS contains exclusive touch sensor technology that offers an accurate and responsive touch to make customers confident that what they touch will be processed without lag.

This laptop provides solid performance for casual users, but it is not recommended to heavy users because if more tabs are open its performance drops immediately.

This machine runs silently and generates very little heat even after whole day use but its trackpad has a loud click. This laptop makes data transferring and sharing very easy and fast. Its HDMI port allows connecting with a larger external display or TV.

The built-in micro-SD card reader in this laptop supports up to 64GB for extra storage. It has up to 9 hours of battery life that makes this laptop capable of handling all computer needs all day.


  •   This laptop has solid performance and discrete graphics
  •   It has a stylish design
  •   Its display is beautiful
  •   It provides sweet audio
  • This laptop is not recommended to Customers looking for cheap Chromebook, premium price because of its disappointing flippy screen feature makes this laptop highly priced.
  •   Clunky styled flip
  •   It has no Thunderbolt 3 port

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APPLE MACBOOK AIR ( Best Rated Mini Laptop ) 

Apple MacBook AirApple MacBook Air is a great laptop. This  MacBook Air has focused on specs department; the Air has now surpassed the 12-inch MacBook.

This laptop can help customers to ease some real heavy duty work. This laptop provides everything that is needed by a customer.

There is only one area that Apple has focused less is the ports.

This best mini laptop contains USB-C ports, while the Thunderbolt 2 and MagSafe power port have been removed. SD card slot which was present previously is now also gone.

This laptop can be powered now by USB-C leaving with just one port to play with while charging. MacBook Air is an impeccably designed laptop.

This laptop is slightly fat as compared to the 2017 model, reducing 10 grams to bring it down to just 1.25kg.

The 12-inch MacBook is still the lightest at 0.92kg, but it’s still impressive that Apple managed to make something very light, yet this laptop is solid and robust at the same time.

Apple has introduced ultra-clear retina display in 2012, the 13.3-inch screen on the Air is beautiful as compared to before, it’s gorgeous, boasting bright, vibrant colors and detail that will make everyone excited to involve themselves into creative work, watch Netflix. Speakers of this laptop are now on sides of the laptop.

This Best Mini laptop lasts around for 30 days on standby mode.

The battery life of this laptop make it a great all day device with the Air racking up around 12 hours for browsing over Wi-Fi, and 13 for watching movies.

MacBook Air contains the 8th gen Intel Core chip. Apple has always focussed on its ability to utilize hardware to achieve the best results, it has super smooth MacOS.

Air MacBook switch between applications, supported by the 8GB Ram and SSD. This best mini laptop 8gb ram is the cheapest of all Apple devices. It starts at $1,199, compared to the $1,299 price tag of the 12-inch MacBook. 

Apple products are known for their longevity, the operating systems are always kept clean, not suffering the bloat and tiredness that a traditional PC suffers and falls off.

This laptop is capable of General web browsing, photo editing, and video editing. This MacBook is very easy to clean with only a piece of cotton cloth. It has a smaller footprint and takes slightly less space on a lap.


  • A processor of this laptop is finally updated
  • It contains stunning retina screen
  • It is easy to handle and can be taken anywhere because it is slim and portable
  • It has an excellent battery life
  • It provides with the cheapest way to get macOS high sierra
  • Apple has increased prices than before
  • It does not have many ports
  • It is not upgraded since 2015

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MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 4 Mini Notebook Laptop

Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft surface pro 4 mini notebook laptop one of the best mini laptops, at last crafts a tablet that can reasonably without considerable compromise.

The effort put by Microsoft into perfecting this tablet can be easily seen. The general design is kept the same as the Surface Pro 3, only pinched and improved.

Particularly in Microsoft surface pro 4 ( best 2 in 1 mini laptops ), there’s a new chrome-laden Microsoft Logo. There is also more than half a millimeter smooth from the chassis.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 launched with a new superficial Pen that claims more points of pressure compassion than previous models. The surface pen comes along with added hardware buttons.

The surface pro 4 is more than just a tetchy best mini laptop design; additionally, the cover is thicker and more nourishing to touch.

The product comes with a screen of higher resolution display. Surface Pro 4 is an excellent first choice for creative professionals on the go.

The price of this best mini laptop is less than the Surface Pro 6 if you buy it refurbished. Surface Pro 4 has its faults in terms of battery life.

The Surface Pro 4 display is crystal clear and the Type Cover feels comfortable when typing. The battery life lasts for 3 hours and 15 minutes, which isn’t the best, but the fast components make up for the need to frequently recharge. The dramatically lower price makes the Surface Pro 4 best for its audience.

If we compare the Surface Pro 4 with ARM-based tablets then it is noticeably cheaper and better.

The HP’s Envy x2 that is expected to be more affordable than Microsoft’s tablets, unfortunately, that isn’t the case the Envy x2 is far more expensive. 

Let see the design and display spec sheet of Surface Pro 4, containing 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-6300U along with Intel HD Graphics 520. The RAM of this mini laptop is up to 8GB along with 256GB storage.

The weight is just 1.73 pounds. The Microsoft improved the Surface Pro 4’s display size from 12 inches to 12.3 inches.

The capacitive Windows button vanished leaving behind extra room for three-tenths of an inch in the display.

Supplementary, the new screen is more shining and more color-accurate than the Surface Pro 3 display.

The new Surface Pen has been redesigned to feel more like a pencil. It now has one flat side with two of its angles rounded off making it easy to handle.


  • It has a Larger, sharper screen within the same dimensions
  • It contains vastly improved Type Cover
  • It has improved version of Surface Pen
  •   Type Cover can be purchased separately
  •   This best mini laptop has Intel Core m3 at entry level
  •   Battery life needs to be improved

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LENOVO IDEAPAD 11.6″ ( Small Windows Laptop )

Lenovo - IdeaPad 100sLenovo idea pad small windows laptop is a lightweight, long-lasting slim best mini laptop. It has Windows 10 along with a touch of style, good viewing angles, and a good battery life.

The 11.6-inch mini laptop offers very modest performance and cuts some angles when it comes to keyboard and touchpad quality.

Lenovo brand provides an affordable laptop for a great price. The Lenovo Idea pad is available inexpensive red, blue, grey or white color.

Lenovo’s low-cost mini-laptop has an elegant matter texture along with accent color. It perseveres from the lid to the system’s bottom.

The rubber feet of the mini laptop Lenovo brand match the color, but the sides and deck are a delicate black color with a similar texture.

The texture plays a good job of resisting fingerprints.

Lenovo idea pad is one of the best windows mini laptops and it is 2.2 pounds; it is extremely light, portable and one of the best mini laptops. This mini laptop can be carried in hands and bag. If we compare the Lenovo 100S with Acer aspire cloud-book, it’s slightly heavier and larger.

An Idea Pad 100s delivers boundless performance at a reasonable price. The small price of this mini laptop doesn’t mean that customers are sacrificing competence.

The Lenovo is bundled with impressive features that enhance safety, battery life and connectivity.

The Lenovo mini laptop comes with 64GB storage memory, 17GB of which is free, with the rest taken up by Windows 10. It is very easy to expand the storage by purchasing a cheap micro SD card. 

The 11.6-inch display of Idea pad 100S is not as sharp as those on expensive laptops.

This purchasable mini laptop provides surprisingly good image quality with wide observing angles. The test was conducted and the result revealed a 62% color gamut.

The brightness of a mini laptop is better than the Asus EeeBook. The Idea pad Lenovo brand speakers provide sound that is loud enough to fill a living room.

When the laptop is placed on a flat surface its fidelity and volume are balanced. The Ideapad 100S’s keyboard comes with only 1.2 mm flimsy base that bends like a trampoline. The keyboard is easy to press with Fast Fingers typing. 


  • It is super slim and lightweight
  •   It’s battery time is incredible
  •   This mini laptop is inexpensive, easily affordable.
  •   Perfect size to fit in a bag easily
  •   Available in stylish colors.
  •   It has a flimsy, glossy upper surface making it more attractive.
  •   It has good viewing angles with large keys having solid feedback.
  •   Touchpad doesn’t support gestures. 
  •   Keyboard flexes while under use.
  •   It has cheap plastic construction.

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Samsung Chromebook 3Samsung Chromebook 3 netbook 2020 is laptops that run on Google browser-based, cloud-focused Chrome OS.

These laptops are those which basically run a Web browser. That does not change even with the newest Samsung Chromebook. Its battery life is really good can last up to 11 hours.

It has a 2.16GHz Intel Celeron N3050 processor that has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of EMMC storage; it runs fast as a small machine. It has an integrated Graphics Coprocessor.

It also consists of a spill-proof keyboard, which is very beneficial for clumsy people. The most important benefit is it uses the Chrome OS which is secure and easy to handle.

Its screen is 11.6 which are very big, enough for watching movies. It has a front-view camera that can be used as a webcam. It consists of a 1 USB 2.0 Port and 1 USB 3.0 Port. Its weight is only 2.5 pounds, so it is very much light. 

It Provides a Max screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It is comprised of a headphone jack and a place for a micro SD card.

It also provides Automatic updates and cloud storage backup. Its design is very much compact. It also carries a Chiclet keyboard and a generously large touchpad.

It has 16 GB of memory storage but people who have ordinary amounts of videos, movies, music, and photos have to rely on Google drive for most of the storage as Google provides 100 GB of storage to Samsung users.

It is one of the best mini laptops.


  • This laptop runs very fast even faster than any regular computer.
  • It is easy to carry Chromebook anywhere because it is lightweight and thin.
  • It has long time battery life, can watch movies, browsing, and music at the same time.
  • Watching videos is amazing in this laptop; quality is very clear and good. It has HD Anti-Reflective display with imaging enhancer.
  • It gives the opportunity to chat and take pictures at the same time. Pictures can be taken using a webcam and can be edited too.
  • It provides tons of apps as it uses Chrome OS, apps can be downloaded from both web store and Google play.
  • Different types of headphones can be used on it because it has both a headphone jack and USB Ports.
  • Its volume is very clear and loud.
  • Chromebook 3 low price affects its build quality and performance
  • Editing photos on this laptop is hard because it is kind of small.
  • Apart from the large storage capacity in Chromebook, it is difficult to download and store movies and pictures.
  • Internet connection is important to use Chromebook because most of the apps don’t work without the internet.
  • Most of the accessories are not compatible with Chrome OS.

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LENOVO CHROMEBOOK C330 ( One of the Smallest Laptops )

Lenovo Chromebook C330Chrome books one of the best 2 in 1 in mini laptops. It is also the top 50 smallest laptops. A year back, basically these laptops were considered as ultra-low-cost internet machines.  But now a day, Google’s Chrome OS can be seen on expensive machines.

The Lenovo Chrome book C330 will be the best one of chrome book mini laptops.

If you want cheap Chrome books than that would be available anywhere and will be less durable while Lenovo chrome book is the best one. The Lenovo Chromebook C330 uses a Media-Tek chipset balancing with 4GB of RAM. This best mini laptop with 4gb ram actually runs pretty well given the price point.

 You can also open several tabs at once without issue.

If we compare the Chromebook C330 with Acer Chromebook Spin 15, then both sit at just about the opposite end of the size spectrum.

In short, Acer’s is amusingly large while Lenovo’s seems so small. Inappropriately, the 11.6-inch display of Chromebook seems to float in a sea of the bezel. The Chromebook C330 isn’t the thickest or the heaviest but the best one to carry easily.

The low price of this mini laptop doesn’t completely alleviate our concerns, but it does allow for some scope.

The Chromebook C330’s has best favor connectivity with a single USB-C 3.0 port. This mini laptop also has a full-size HDMI connection and a Display port for linking exterior displays along with a full-size SD card reader, and a combo audio jack. 

It’s a good feature of port for connecting both bequest and more modern peripherals and surprisingly has a low price.

The Chromebook C330’s keyboard is the normal island form with black chiclet keys and white calligraphy. This keyboard is better than the keyboard on the Chromebook Spin 11 and Chromebook x2.

The big weakness of this machine for video exposes is the speakers; the dual speakers are pretty unbearable.

This mini laptop has a low price point, smaller size, and fairly lightweight that eventually can be replaced by a solid tablet at fewer prices.

It usually comes in white color with just a Lenovo logo and Chrome logo “decorating” the chassis. The plastic covering feels quite durable and refrains from damage or stain. 

Additionally, the machine along the sides has Lenovo has decked the C330 with all the ports.

Then there is a full-size HDMI port and microSD card slot. It also has a full-size USB-A port on both sides and two USB-C ports. Both of these USB ports can be used for charging as well as audio.

There is also a 3.5mm earphone knave so you can avoid those awful speakers.


  •   It has a great value along with a high-quality keyboard.
  •   Available with excellent battery life
  •   It contains a wide variety of ports
  •   It has a powerful processing
  •   Available in stylish and sleek design catching eyes
  • Lenovo Chrome book C330 is very easy to use and has a built-in virus protection  
  •   Lightweight with an 11-inch FHD touch display
  •   It has a disappointing display with low brightness
  •   Some customers claimed that this mini laptop has a poor performance
  •   It contains large bezels 
  •   The mini laptop has a plastic build
  •   Customer finds it speaker really cheap and awful 

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ASUS ZenBookThe ASUS ZenBook 13 best mini laptop has a gorgeous design along with an all-metal body with a gold finish.

The laptop has a 13.3-inch full HD display best for youngsters to play a game as well as for adults to work.

This is also the best small laptops that we found while buying on Amazon.

This laptop has up to 14 hours of battery life along with fast charging. Simply the customers can increase its charge an enormous 60% in just 45 minutes.

The best key features of the Zenbook include various Intel processor choices, 10 GB RAM, a 254 GB solid-state drive.

It also includes a rich set of wired and wireless connectivity options in the kit. The ASUS ZenBook is just 2.5 pounds and the ZenBook Flip comes in a separate confirmation with an adaptable touch-screen display. 

The Asus ZenBook 13 has a simple clamshell with a 13.3-inch laptop design.

It has a gray/silver color scheme, simply crafted from aluminum and magnesium alloy. This laptop has a feeling of solid sturdiness despite its surprisingly lightweight.

The also includes speakers who are crisp but aren’t terribly powerful, which fire from the underside of the machine.

The placement of the power button in this best mini laptop is directly on the keyboard, in the top right corner near to the delete key.

So, when you are typing fast you can accidentally turn the computer off. 

Additionally, it has an onboard fingerprint reader, a nod toward upgraded security. It also has a 1920 x 1080 pixel screen brilliant seeing angles.

It has a button on the dim side, turning in a brightness score well below all the other laptops in this roundup.

The ASUS ZenBook 13 is almost bare down and has the least impressive formation of any of the laptops in this assembly.

The component included in this Zenbook has a 1.8GHz Core CPU, combined visuals, 10GB of RAM, and 254GB of solid-state storage.

These features are the same as all other laptops not particularly impressive.

The Ports also two full-size USB 3.1 ports, a USB-C port, full-size HDMI, and a micro SD card reader slot. 

It is just 2.7 pounds along with 18mm of thickness; this quality makes the machine very portable.

You can find slimmer and lighter laptops anywhere but at this price, it’s very difficult. This best mini laptop is a better option for students who have fewer budgets.

The ZenBook 13 didn’t have impressive scores in graphics tests. Its performance on general applications was the worst in this line-up.

That could be tricky if customers want to get a full five years of value out of this system.


  •   It has a very thin and light design
  •   It has good competence performance
  •   This mini laptop has a fantastic web browsing battery life
  •   It contains a comfortable keyboard
  •   It has a great value and is highly durable
  •   The customer claimed that SATA SSD isn’t the fastest
  •   They also claimed the screen is a bit dim
  •   It doesn’t use newest Intel CPUs for processing

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ASUS VivoBook L203MAThe ASUS VivoBook L203MA LAPTOP 2020 is the best small laptop that is designed to enhance production even when a person is traveling.

This laptop is highly compact and lightweight just an 11.6-inch laptop.

This is powered by the latest Intel processor and also provides up to 10 hours of battery life. It has been already loaded with Windows 10.

It also offers full compatibility with a wide range of software. It’s the best mini laptop for people who have to travel and work.

The VivoBook is designed with effortless mobility and high compact and lightweight design.

Additionally, the vivobook L203 has a footmark that is minor than an A4 page along with weight just 980grams.

The vivobook is 3 times thinner than its predecessor, making it one of the reediest 11.6-inch laptops. 

The VivoBook ultra-thin laptop has an expressive elegance, which has three gorgeous progressed finishes that can be star grey, petal pink, and pearl white.

It has a unique hexagonal theme printed on the front cover and adds a distinctive touch of individuality. It has a gorgeous graduated finish with stylish hexagonal ideas.

The mini laptop has a durable 180° hinge. In addition to the 180° hinge, the VivoBook can be placed flat on the table to share gratified with friends.

This best mini laptop has a unique hinge design that has been subjected to an exhausting cycle in tests.

The display and Speakers of this mini laptop are cinematic audio-visuals. ASUS True Life Video technology present in it makes any video look amazing.

Secondly, through brainy algorithms, it enhances the sharpness and disparity of every pixel. It is able to produce extremely intense and accurate imagery.

ASUS Superb display skill improves images to provide richer, deeper and more precise colors for any type of content.

The VivoBook also carries imposing audio, with dual speakers and also has ASUS sonic master expertise for immersive mantle sound. 


  •   It has a glass touch screens of 11.6-inch and 14-inches.
  •   It has dual-core Pentium along with core i7
  •   It contains 4GB of RAM and 500GB of HDD
  •   It is manufactured with aluminum unibody chassis with a soft-touch base.
  •   It has an efficient Intel Celeron processor with 11. 6 display
  •   It has a 64GB Flash Storage and 4GB RAM
  •   The laptop has embedded one year of Microsoft Office 365 and HD webcam
  •   The mini laptop is slim and portable
  •   The customer claimed HDMI port died after two months and then send back to the company the downgraded the window.
  •   It downloads a limited app from play store or Google Chrome
  •   The screen turned black after some days of purchase
  •   Terrible quality product and breaks very easily after some use

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iRULU SpiritBook S1 LargeiRULU SpiritBook S1 Large is the best of both worlds. It brings the opportunity to work and play both at the same time.

Its screen size is 12.5 inch which is just 0.8 inches thin. It weighs just over 2 (two) pounds and it is less than a ½ inch thick that makes packing easy to in the backpack or the briefcase to carry everywhere and can be used anywhere which makes life on-the-go easy.

It has 180-degree hinge design which is very good for easy viewing; it has an anti-glare widescreen display that is 1366*768 HD that gives very much lifelike and vivid visual even in the sun or bright light.

It is the latest and great version of the 64-bit Intel Cherry Trail Quad-Core processor it has 1.44GHz standard current for its full performance and it has the power to provide great multitasking, makes it work efficiently and effectively.

It has 4G of  DDR3 RAM(Random Access Memory) and 32GB hard disk drive for fast  speed & high storage capacity.

Its internet is fast because of 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi that supports internet connection without any overcrowding or involvement.

This laptop supports easy detaching of the keyboard for perfect entertainment, watching movies, play games, read books, etc.

It also helps to run more than one app simultaneously on the is powered by an Intel Baytrail-T Quad-Core processor, the iRULU 10.1” is capable of providing the speed and responsiveness that is required to enjoy theatre quality movies, 3D games, video chats and ultra-quick web surfing, without any delay.

It provides all tools that are needed to fulfill any project as it is powered by Microsoft 10 OS along with 32 generous GB of internal storage.

This laptop always delivers bright pictures and sharp text quality every time.

It is one of the best mini laptops that are best for office work as well as for entertainment both at the same time. Another benefit of this laptop is its low price as compared to others in the market.


  • Apart from its cheap price, it is solid and well made.
  • This hybrid is very nice
  • The screen is bright and has great color on screen
  • Its battery life is good
  • It is a great window tablet
  • It is a good sized tablet for office work
  • It is a fully capable PC that provides much of flexibility over android
  • It can support high capacity SD card
  • It has great features, as well as Bluetooth
  • It has a USB drive that makes thing very much easier
  • It is not as much fast as other laptops
  • Its keyboard is sometimes problematic, it can stop working anytime
  • It gets warm easily, takes a very long time to charge
  • It does not support many apps
  • It is not a good multitasking machine
  • Storage capacity is less, an extra SD card is needed for extra space
  • Wireless activities are not very much strong

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Acer One Tablet S1002 ( Mini Laptops Cheapest )

Acer One Tablet S1002-145AAcer One Tablet S1002 – Mini Laptops Cheapest has a virtually identical spec, its price of 250 Euros for S1002 is reasonably lower than other laptops in the market.

Its casing is relatively cheap which has not a very good impact on buyers. It is made up of hard plastic. Its entire back is made up of aluminum.

Its weight is 1195 grams, only a few grams higher weight than that of the predecessor.

It has a high-pressure resistance, absolute robustness that characterizes the chassis, overall it is of good quality. The power button and volume control are on the casing’s upper edge rather than on the sides.

Wi-Fi module is also installed in it that supports a maximum of 801.11n.

It also has a Bluetooth 4.0, which makes it an outdated does not have USB 3.0 and NFC. 

Windows 10 Home 32-bit operating system is installed in this device.

Accessories like small printed user manual and the compulsory notes with service contracts are also provided with this device. A warranty card is also included in the packing of this device that covers a 12 month period. Webcams of this device can be best described as very useful, they have a resolution of 2 MP. This device has a good screen average i.e brightness is approx. 340 cd/m².

However, it can be the reason behind the worsened color accuracy. Device DeltaE is now 9.53 as compared to the previous 6.24, which is less than that is required for making color differences.

One of its most important drawbacks is that it makes Screen flickering to become more visible below a brightness of 10% because of pulse width modulation.

However, it is not necessary to dim the screen. It has a highly glossy surface structure, clear bluish tint can be seen when in the state of delivery.

Its frequency is very low i.e 50 Hz that can cause eyestrain and headache after excessive use.

It is one of the best mini laptops for users who want a compact device for mobile office tasks as well as for entertainment. Most importantly it is an affordable option for users.


  • Its battery backups and graphics are really very good can be carry on tours
  • This device is good for multitasking; it supports games, documentation and online suffering at the same time.
  • According to price, it is one of the best laptops
  • One of its benefits is it can easily convert into a tab.
  • It’s hardware is really good
  • It can be carried anywhere and can be used for both entertainment and office work
  • It is not recommended to use it for coding or photoshopping
  • The storage capacity of this device is less so small SD card is needed to increase storage.
  • Technology is not as good as other laptops in the market
  • An extra RAM is needed for its better performance
  • Its touchpad is slow

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RCA Cambio Purple is one of the best mini laptops that are very affordable or you may say that this is one of the best affordable laptops we found.

It is a detachable-hybrid Windows tablet that is a little flimsy. It is sometimes and underpowered, even for its low price.

It comes with a 64-bit version of Windows, and features are better in work and multimedia performance. It has longer battery life. It is available in black, blue, pink, or purple its weight is 1.65-pounds and it is 11.6-inch. It has a 9-inch screen.

This device has a detachable keyboard that adds 0.25 inches of thickness and 1.23 pounds to the device, which makes it of the same size, but heavier.

This keyboard is made up of plastic with a smooth finish.

There are two holes on the bottom edge of the tablet with two plastic tabs on the keyboard to connect both with each other, this plastic connection is strong and works really good. This tablet can be lifted easily without falling off with the attached keyboard.

This device has all connections and ports on the tablet.

On the left edge of the tablet, it has a USB 3.0 port, a headphone jack, a micro USB port, and a mini HDMI port.

Its power button and the connector for the AC adapter are also on the left edge. This device can be charged using either the included AC adapter or micro USB.

This tablet does not have a micro USB charger, but it can be charged by plugging it into a PC using a USB-2.0-to-micro-USB cable.

Volume controls, a Reset button, and a slot for a microSD card and a 2-megapixel rear-facing camera are on the back of this tablet.

It has no ports on the right edge. USB-C is absent in this tablet. 

This device has 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity.

Its screen that is 1,366-by-768 has good resolution with wide viewing angles. It works really well for small productive tasks.

There is a 1-megapixel front-facing camera for video call on the right side above the screen. This device had scored a 1,305 on the PCMark 8 Work Conventional test, which works on measuring system and productivity at tasks document creation, Web browsing, and video conferencing.


  • This device is very light in weight and can be carried anywhere
  • It is very useful in streaming videos
  • It is very useful as a CNC machine
  • It has a good removable keyboard
  • It works really good though it is very small
  • Its color is beautiful i.e soft purple
  • Internet run fast on this device
  • It can be used as an e-reader for textbooks
  • It is affordable
  • It has a nice bright screen
  • Its touchpad is useless, it is not a precision touchpad
  • It is not recommended to users who need a solid device
  • It is not suitable for full-time office work
  • Its camera is not good really bad choice for selfies
  • SD card is must need for storage
  • It gets hot easily while charging

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I hope you liked these best mini laptops reviews. The world of figuring has become increasingly portable.  So as a result people are seeking ultra-portable laptops.

The eleven branded mini laptops that have been reviewed in this guide are the best mini laptops available in the market.

As every person demands are different just like the functionality of any product. My expert team has used all these laptops and after much research concluded this guide.

Just go through this guide and find a product that fits your needs and your budget.

Nowadays, People prefer mini-laptops instead of traditional laptops, as they are lightweight and more convenient to carry.

There is an enormous waterfall of tablets, notebooks, mobiles, and laptops.

It’s really difficult to use all and then use one, so for you guys we have given a short review of all the best mini laptop

I would recommend apple MacBook air, due to the best brand and its performance.

Firstly, its processor is already updated along with carrying a slim body and high portability. Secondly, it has long-lasting battery life and most importantly it contains a stunning retina protected screen.

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Tip: For the Laptop security, I’d say buy one of the best laptop backpacks it’ll be safe to carry these laptops.


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