How to Factory Reset My HP Mini Laptop? Restore Factory Setting [Windows 7] – Step By Step

how to factory reset my hp mini laptopIf you don’t know how to factory reset my hp mini laptop? Then this article is best for you. Because In this article I have talked in detail how you can restore your hp mini laptop even it doesn’t have a cd / DVD ROM drive. Even you have got the best mini laptop before restoring factory setting in hp mini laptop don’t forget to save your data onto another drive. Because restoring this laptop will delete all files and folders.

There is a Benefit to delete all the files and folders and reset the hp mini laptop is that you’ll also get rid of all kind of errors, bugs, and viruses.

How to Factory Reset My HP Mini Laptop?

In windows 7, the HP laptop has a Recovery Manager function. Which helps you to restore your laptop to its factory settings. You can follow these steps to reset your mini laptop:

  1. Remove all the external devices like USB, external hard or any unnecessary device.
  2. Click the “Start Menu Button” in the bottom left corner.
  3. Open “All Programs” Then select “Recovery Manager” and again select the “Recovery Manager”.
  4. If it asks for password enter your Administrator Password.
  5. At the bottom of the left-hand column right-click the ” System Recovery “
  6. Follow the procedure and answer the prompts.


In case you have a recovery partition on your laptop, turn off the laptop and turn on the pc, press the F11 button on the keyboard before showing the HP welcome screen and then you can select the factory reset option and restore your settings to factory settings. If you do not have that option you will need to order a USB flash recovery drive.

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