How to Unlock an HP Mini Laptop? 3 Easy Ways

How to Unlock an HP Mini LaptopBefore getting into how to unlock an hp mini laptop? Let me tell you HP Mini Laptop is a very famous brand across the world.
Because HP Mini is a very affordable, cheap rate, useful & handy laptop to carry. Now, most of the people set a password to the laptop to protect their important images, documents, and other files.

Forgetting the password of HP Mini laptop is a common issue these days. If you are using HP mini 110, 210, 310, etc. and forgot the password. Simply use these methods to reset the password.

#1 Password Hint Method

If you have set some hint of the password during setting the password of your windows then you are lucky. Because when you enter the wrong password into windows I’ll give you that hint and you can get an idea what the password is.

#2 HP Mini Reset Disk

In case you want to use this method you must have created a recovery disk in the first case. It’ll help you to reset the password. Once you enter the password click on “RESET PASSWORD” select the recovery disk and follow the given instructions.

#3 Another Admin Account

In this method, you’ve to log in to another account on that hp mini laptop with another Administrator account and then change the password


Another Method to Reset the Password of HP Mini Laptops


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